now is the time to refine your 2021 social media strategy

now is the time to refine your 2021 social media strategy

To promote goods and services, social networks have over the years become popular platforms for companies and essential for all digital marketing professionals. In a recent study conducted by Talkwalker, a company specializing in social listening, the web and social media monitoring tool surveyed more than 70 experts and influencers to define social media trends for 2021. Here is an overview of what ‘it shows.

Although the year 2020 was greatly affected economically and healthily by covid-19, this scourge has led companies to rethink and adapt their social media strategy, while making drastic changes.

But, you will see, marketing on social networks has in the end only suffered little from this crisis, on the contrary, companies have quickly been able to adapt and optimize their actions on these networks.

2021 is fast approaching, here is a summary of the 10 main social media trends for 2021 according to more than 70 experts and web influencers polled by TalkWalker. You can find all the trends and testimonials collected in the full study that you can download here. (Believe month, it’s a download worth the click 😉).

1- Remixing: the art of personalizing what already exists

This new expression, the remixing, refers to the already existing content that users of social networks use to arrange them to their liking. Still doesn’t speak to you? This is what apps, such as TikTok, currently allow.

The objective is to give the user the possibility of personalizing a buzz, for example, by adapting it to a completely new context. This then offers a lot of content around a brand or a campaign.

2- The Covid-19: the birth of new concerns

With around 1.2 billion people testing positive for Covid-19 currently, it is important to return to this particular point.

Thus, each company must become an agent who raises the awareness of its customers, by continuing to promote barrier gestures and by proposing optimal solutions to avoid potentially dangerous physical contact with them.

The idea is to establish a responsible community, aware of the dangers of the pandemic, and adopting the necessary measures to protect themselves and their fellow human beings.

3- The same: to generate engagement, but not only

This format has been around for years and continues to generate public interest. Eh yes ! Memes have become mainly satirical tools, where politics, economics and other special circumstances are made fun of.

If, basically, they were used only to “entertain the gallery”, they currently allow to create reflections around subjects really important for the community and especially to generate a lot of engagement on social networks.

As for brands, memes allow them to gain sympathy with their consumers and prospects, without requiring long messages or a poster designed by experienced graphic designers.

The idea behind using memes on a brand’s social media is to stay in something very simple, but with a punchy message.

4- Nostalgia: a strong feeling to relaunch your brand

The nostalgia marketing is a very interesting alternative, at a time when everything seems dark because of covid.

To improve your brand image and regain the confidence of your consumers in 2021, don’t hesitate to dig into your archives.

You have to remind your target audience what positive your brand has done before and that nobody wanted what is happening now.

Nostalgia marketing is especially effective during major crises during which the community is on the verge of depression.

5- Conversation: to forge links with customers

This is not a new phenomenon: social networks have become sales platforms in recent years.

Today and in 2021, this situation will be even more true.

Indeed, despite the deconfinement of certain countries, the Covid-19 has not disappeared for all that.

It is thus normal if customers wish to limit physical contact as much as possible.

For your part, it will then be necessary to privilege the conversation with your consumers. It won’t be about giving all the information about your products, but understanding their needs and redirecting them to what suits them best.

If you need to choose automatic messages thanks to chat bots, choose warm words that invite discussion.

6- Video games: the new socialization platform

Due to the limited physical contact, video games helped bring together a community that craved entertainment.

It doesn’t just happen on generic social networks, such as Facebook.

Gamers also meet in dedicated spaces, like Twitch, YouTube or streaming sites.

Not only do these consumers play, but they also share a lot of tutorials.

It is essential not to forget this type of clientele for whom interactions and advice are among the main factors of motivation and decision-making.

7- Classic marketing: proofs already made

Certainly the classic marketing techniques are not innovative, but they have the merit of having already been proven.

Consumers always want as much information as possible about the products they are going to buy.

Thus, you can still use emails (e-mailings and newsletters).

But let’s not forget either the famous podcasts which better capture the attention of consumers through audio, given their attractive format that can be listened to in (almost) all circumstances.

8- Bets on leading social networks: unwavering for the years to come

Social networks have obviously experienced flops a few years ago, as was the case for Google+ or even Tsu and Ello.

That said, for 2021, leaders should still hold their current position, with Facebook leading the way ahead of Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

Always bet on social media which have already shown their effectiveness in order to avoid wasting your time and money as much as possible.

Of course, keep in mind the usefulness of each. While Facebook is the most versatile, Instagram focuses on sharing visual content, while LinkedIn is ideal for reaching professionals.

9- The fight against fake news: a war to be won

An upsurge in fake news has been observed since the pandemic crisis.

In 2021, companies will have to set themselves the task of reassuring consumers about the quality of their information.

For SMEs, it will be a question of backing up the information relayed with reliable sources, accepted as references in their field for years.

For TGEs, community managers will have to react as quickly as possible if ever there is any misinformation. The objective is to deny it as quickly as possible, with the support of the competent authorities.

10- CSR: a key success factor

Corporate social (or social) responsibility is at the heart of concerns.

Investing in more human and ecological causes allows firms to give meaning to their activity, while in the process restoring their image.

It will therefore be important to reassure the community on the merits of each of your actions and to show that you have remained individuals always listening to the most disadvantaged. The spread of a global pandemic should in no way cause consumers to lose hope in the existence of genuine and ethical people.

2021 will be a real challenge for every business. With the proliferation of Covid-19 which has turned the world economy upside down, it is time to show responsibility and prove that we are still so concerned about the fate of our fellow human beings.

social media trends 2021
Social media trends 2021 by TalkWalker and 70 experts

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