Now it will be easier to manage your Bitcoin micropayments node

Now it will be easier to manage your Bitcoin micropayments node

A new tool will make it easier to manage a node on the Bitcoin Lightning network. This allows you to send and receive bitcoins, open or close channels, manage funds and more, all from the web browser all remotely.

Terminal Lightning is the name of the tool and is already there available to use from your website, as ad Lightning Labs developer company, this Tuesday, November 30.

The important thing about the ad is that it offers a secure connection system, whose technology was specially designed for the launch of Terminal Lightning, in that case known as Lightning Node Connect (LNC). This hides the type of connection from the client to the node, to avoid traces or possible third-party attacks.

Now it will be easier to manage your Bitcoin micropayments node
The interface allows you to connect to the node from any web browser, including those on mobile devices
like smart phones. Source: Terminal Lightning.

To connect Lightning Terminal to the node, users must verify LNC support. According to the announcement, nodes using management systems such as Umbrel, Raspibltz and MyNode, they will be able to download the LNC app from the corresponding app store.

Regarding the connection, Lightning Terminal connects remotely with nodes through the pairing phrase, which is generated when a Lightning node is created.

More nodes, more decentralization, more security

This type of tool, which makes the task of managing a node easier, can generate interest in people having their own node, but why is this important? In Bitcoin there is a maxim: “Your keys, your bitcoins”, if you own the secret keys, you own the BTC, whatever happens.

Having your own node is having a genuine and non-custodial administration of the private keys. You could say that it is the ultimate expression of security on private keys.

In addition to the security offered by having your own node, there is the issue of decentralization. A decentralized network guarantees privacy. With each user sending funds to their own nodes, it ensures that there is not a single point of failure in this type of network. That a node is attacked does not compromise the stability of the network at all.

It is becoming easier to have your own node

Although Terminal Lightning is a tool that makes it easy to manage a Lightning node, there is still the matter of setting up your own node. Previously, a node required technical knowledge to configure the necessary hardware. However, lately there have been options on the market that the only thing that requires knowledge is knowing how to connect a USB.

Within these cases is the node plug-and-play from The Bitcoin Machine company in collaboration with Umbrel. This only requires connecting it, downloading either the Bitcoin blockchain or the Lightning network, and voila. With some basic settings, such as generating the match phrase, the node will start working. And, it should be noted, as already commented previously in the text, this node supports the Lightning Terminal LNC connection.

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