Now repair a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air yourself


the Self Service Repair Store Apple, which provides components for the iPhone to overcome any technical problems yourself, is updating today to become compatible with Macs. Specifically, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro equipped with M1 family chips are currently affected.

It is therefore assumed that for the MacBook Pro, it is the 13-inch model from last year but also the two 14- and 16-inch editions with M1 Pro and M1 Max processor. Nothing is indicated regarding MacBook Air M2 or MacBook Pro M2. Desktop machines, for their part, do not seem to be affected either for the moment.

New countries in the loop!

Also according to the information communicated to us by Apple, the self-service repair program should at the same time extend to new states in Europe. Unfortunately the firm at the apple does not really specify which it is. We know, however, that the store in question was so far only available in English; a French translation would be welcome.

What parts to replace?

If you want to tackle this arduous task, know that you can first change screen, chassis, battery, touchpad and in total more than a dozen components of your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with this program. These will of course be 100% reliable parts whose design has been validated upstream by Cupertino, to guarantee you an original condition or whose dimensions are identical.

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In order not to be mistaken, the manufacturer also provides guides installation. All this will have a price: count around fifty euros to rent the repair kit (to be returned later), or a single price for each part that you want to keep in your Mac or for future repairs. It is also advisable to return your damaged components to Apple so that the company recycles them and gives you a voucher.

Note that if the parts are too expensive for you at Apple, you can also find them at third-party resellers. But always check that they are approved.

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

Apple MacBook Air Retina 128 GB

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