Now you can collect salaries in bitcoin with the Strike app in El Salvador and the US.

Now you can collect salaries in bitcoin with the Strike app in El Salvador and the US.

Strike, a payment platform, added the optional function of converting salaries deposited in dollars (USD) to bitcoin (BTC) without any commission. This service, called Pay me in bitcoin, is only available in two countries at the moment: the United States and El Salvador.

This application allows each user to specifically decide what percentage of their salary they want to be automatically converted to bitcoin. It can be all or just a part. In order to use this service, it is only necessary to register in Strike and configure the preferences.

Then, it only remains to send the details of the account created to the employer or whoever is going to make the deposit. This process is done only once, since then the corresponding person will be able to send the salary or make the payments always to the same account address.

As Jack Mallers, the founder of Strike, says, “You don’t need the company where you work to be a fan of bitcoin” to be able to charge in this cryptocurrency. Thanks to the fact that this platform uses the Bitcoin Lightning Network, the USD that is deposited can be converted to said BTC instantly.

It is worth clarifying that, in El Salvador, although bitcoin was approved as legal tender, salaries must be paid in dollars. This has led to the birth of intermediaries that solve the conversion for those who want to charge in bitcoin. The Athena company, for example, offers a service similar to Strike, as published by CryptoNews days ago.

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Jack Mallers, the founder of Strike, believes that bitcoin is the best choice to save

At the launch of the new tool Pay me in bitcoin from Strike, Jack Mallers expressed his full support for this cryptocurrency. In fact, he declared that this project means “a great step forward in economic empowerment with the best monetary asset in the world, bitcoin.”

Saving and increasing wealth is one of humanity’s most difficult challenges. Over the past three years, saving $ 50 a week in bitcoin turned $ 7,850 into $ 59,929. With Strike, everyone now has access to the most advanced way to save and build for their future.

Jack Mallers, founder and director of Strike.

The objective of Pay me in Bitcoin it is “ensuring that everyone has easy and affordable access to the best savings technology in human history.” Jack Mallers considers that bitcoin is safer than the dollar for savers. This is because, as CriptoNoticias found, it runs above inflation and does not devalue in the long term. In fact, it has been shown to increase in value over time.

Now you can collect salaries in bitcoin with the Strike app in El Salvador and the US.
This is what Strike’s Pay me in Bitcoin tool looks like on mobile. Source: Twitter.

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