Now you can pay at a vending machine using Bitcoin Lightning

Now you can pay at a vending machine using Bitcoin Lightning

It is now possible to buy a candy or soda from a vending machine and pay using the Bitcoin Lightning Network (BTC). Developer Ben Arc designed a device that operates with the novel technology and showed how it works through a video.

On Twitter, the bitcoin enthusiast advertisement its creation, which works completely without an internet connection. The machine is called LNURLVend and the instructions for its construction were uploaded by himself to GitHub.

The operation of the machine is extremely simple. As it showed, you have to choose the product, then you have to scan the QR code from a Lightning-compatible wallet and then pay to obtain a PIN, which you have to enter into the machine to verify the order. Finally, the treat or drink in question is dispensed.

As revealed by Ben Arc, the skeleton of the machine was purchased from Alibaba for a few dollars and the other electronic components were purchased elsewhere. The total investment in hardware, he said, is about $ 250.

“With that you get a vending machine without an internet connection and that works with the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, fully functional,” he said, adding that, in his example, his device works with battery, so it can be placed anywhere.

As you said, this vending machine works with LNURL, a reusable protocol for payments that works through LN, the layer two network of Bitcoin with which common payments are expedited, which has gained great relevance thanks to its widespread use in El Salvador.

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Ben Arc specified that in the next few days he would upload an explanatory video to assemble one of these machines.

Now you can pay at a vending machine using Bitcoin Lightning
The skeleton of the machine was purchased from Alibaba for a few dollars. Source: GitHub.

LN growth

What Ben Arc raises, and which obtained the support of many bitcoin users according to the publication in networks, is nothing more than evidence of the growth of a network that allows millions of payments to be made in a few seconds.

Progress is such that a study by Arcane Research, reviewed by CriptoNoticias reveals that, after 10 years, some 700 million people will pay for their audio, video and game services by relying on the Bitcoin Lightning network.

In this case, the engineer highlights the ease of executing a transaction through a system supported by an important technology, already used for payments and donations, as has been demonstrated.

Arc estimates that his model is copied, so that the Bitcoin Lightning network can be chosen as a payment method, this time, in something as common and globalized as a vending machine.

You have already developed other things with Lightning

Ben Arc has already experimented with LN. In September, the developer introduced a device that allows generate invoices for payment on the Bitcoin Lightning network, without the need for internet. To achieve this, it used LNURL-pay technology, which allows the generation of automatic payment invoices.

As we report in this medium, the point of sale is a device that only has a numeric keypad and a medium-resolution screen. Arc ensures that the cost of this device, for those interested, is less than USD 10 and that the materials can be obtained on Amazon.

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