NTF on the deterioration of the Argentine economy was sold for almost USD 5,000

NTF on the deterioration of the Argentine economy was sold for almost USD 5,000

Two teenagers from the province of Córdoba in Argentina sold a non-fungible token (NFT) for USD 4,780 that shows the economic decline of the country during the last 55 years. The author of the graphic is Carlos Maslatón, a lawyer and financial analyst with a right-wing liberal ideology, who defines himself as a capitalist, anti-communist and bitcoiner.

According ad Infobae, Agustín Egea and Tomás Holtz, the creators and sellers of this NFT, are only 18 and 17 years old. As followers of the crypto world, they envisioned in Maslatón’s drawing a valuable asset that could be appreciated and valued in the non-fungible token market. Therefore, they contacted the author in order to ally.

Given the These cryptocurrency ecosystem enthusiasts are from Córdoba, took advantage of a trip to Buenos Aires, where Carlos Maslatón lives, to get their idea to him. As soon as they were mentioned via WhatsApp, the financial analyst did not hesitate to invite them to his department to speak in depth about the project.

At the meeting, which was on October 8, 2021, they reached an agreement to transform the work into an NFT, for which they took a new photo. The graphic, which is freehand, was created on April 5, 2020 by Maslatón. Its purpose was to show in a curve the deterioration of the Argentine economy over time and its forecast for the future.

NTF on the deterioration of the Argentine economy was sold for almost USD 5,000
Carlos Maslatón believes that the economic salvation of the country lies in liberal policies, like Javier Milei. Source: Twitter.

Maslatón’s handmade scheme NTF reveals harsh reality from Argentina

In the curve there are exposed peaks and valleys that recall milestones that marked the country during the last 55 years. For example, the hyperinflation of 1990, the crisis of 2002 and the current government of Alberto Fernández, among others. The work is titled «technical structure of the great bear market Argentine “and proclaims that in 2021 the country’s economy will hit bottom, thus reaching its worst state.

After that, he projects the beginning of a favorable bull market, which he calls “great bull market Argentinian”. Although his prediction is based on the prices of stocks, bonds and other assets, Maslatón also wants a change in policy. He is a follower of Javier Milei, the second largest opposition force to the government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

On October 18, 2021, the two friends, who are still in their final year of high school, debuted on the crypto market. They published the auction of the Maslatón NTF and two days later the bid reached 1.2 ether (ETH). This offer, which the group decided to accept, is equivalent to USD 4,780, according to the CriptoNoticias calculator today.

As CriptoNoticias has already revealed, interest in NTFs is on the rise in Argentina, positioning itself to a greater extent than in other Latin American countries. Technological innovation and the cryptocurrency ecosystem are taking ground among the country’s youth, as can be seen in the early debut of Agustín Egea and Tomás Holtz.

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