Nurse shares what is the best time of day to have sex and get the most benefit

El bienestar sexual es una faceta importante de nuestras vidas.

Sexual wellness is an important facet of our lives.

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Sexual wellness is an important facet of our lives.

We all know there are reported benefits when it comes to sex, but we’re not exactly sure why or how they work.

A nurse, who goes by @nurse.ria11 on TikTokshare your expert knowledge on the subject.

Recently published a video in which he revealed that there is a time of day when sex is most beneficial: early in the morning.

The reason for this? “Releases endorphins that lower blood pressure and reduce stressgetting ready for a good day,” he said.

She captioned the clip: “Share with your partners, start your day off right.”

Viewers loved the advice, with some poking fun at the issue:

“Anytime is fine. Practice makes perfect,” one person wrote.

“I don’t know about the science but it sure makes my day better,” another added.

As for other sexual wellness tips, one expert, sex coach Kaitlin Klarer, spoke to The Sun and shared five ways you can improve your love life.

One of his tips included taking a nonjudgmental stance with your partner when it comes to the bedroom.

As an example, he recalled a time when he gave advice to a man who said his wife was bad at performing oral sex.

When she asked the husband how he managed her and if he gave her feedback, she said his response was, “Oh no, I would never talk about something like that.”

The expert explained: “His wife had no problems with oral sex… They just had problems with communication.

“It’s such a quick fix to change the way we explain ourselves.

“It can be technically easy, but emotionally difficult to do, because there are a lot of risks in saying something to our partner.

“It could be perceived as rude or hurtful, but in reality, you’re doing your relationship a disservice in how they can make you happy.”

She suggests that someone in a situation like that ask their partner something like, “Hey, I wish you could do better.” Her other advice included sharing your true self, being open-minded, being empathetic to your partner’s needs, and always reciprocating love.

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