NYDIG and Deloitte Announce Partnership to Help Businesses Adopt Bitcoin

NYDIG and Deloitte Announce Partnership to Help Businesses Adopt Bitcoin

NYDIG and Deloitte Announce Partnership to Help Businesses Adopt Bitcoin By DailyBitcoin Editor

Deloitte wants to enable Blockchain and digital asset-based services in many areas involving Bitcoin products like banking, rewards programs, and others.


  • NYDIG and Deloitte form an alliance
  • The idea is to advise companies on the adoption of Bitcoin
  • Alliance Seeks to Accelerate Bitcoin-Based Financial Services

The professional services giant Deloitte, one of the accounting firms “Big Four” partnered with financial services firm focused on Bitcoin, New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG), to help companies of all sizes implement services related to digital assets.

According to a press release, NYDIG Y Deloitte are launching a strategic alliance to create a one-stop-shop for clients seeking advice on adopting products and services from Bitcoin.

NYDIG will work with practice blockchain and digital assets Deloitte in multiple areas involving products of Bitcoinsuch as banking, consumer loyalty and rewards programs, employee benefits and more.

The note adds that the alliance will help companies take advantage of the multidisciplinary professional services of Deloittetogether with the financial and technological products and services of Bitcoin provided by NYDIG.

Consumers are increasingly looking to their banks to serve as trusted providers of financial services for Bitcoin, as they already do with US dollars. The alliance between Deloitte Y NYDIG should help accelerate adoption in a way that makes compliance paramount, says the press release.

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What the alliance companies say

“We envision a world where traditional financial infrastructure works alongside digital asset infrastructure to provide customers with a best-in-class experience with the highest standards of regulatory compliance,” said Yan Zhao, president of NYDIG. “We have already begun the journey of bringing Bitcoin to everyone by incorporating Bitcoin wallets into existing user experiences, powering Bitcoin rewards programs, and enabling Bitcoin-secured lending. Deloitte is the perfect partner to help companies take the next step to efficiently execute on these types of projects and meet customer demand with a high level of rigor.”

“The future of financial services will focus on the use of digital assets, and we are focused on advising our clients on ways to participate in a regulated and compliant way”said Richard Rosenthal, leader and director of the digital asset banking regulatory practice at Deloitte. & Touche LLP. “We believe this alliance with NYDIG will further drive business growth and is another hallmark of the significant investment Deloitte is making to enable digital asset innovation.”


It is worth remembering that Deloitte has a long history of crypto-related news. For example, this year -according to Spanish media reports- the giant of department stores The English Court hired Deloitte to develop a technological platform through which it can offer investments in cryptocurrencies to the more than 11 million customers registered with its credit card. However, the news was not confirmed (or denied) by the companies.

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Before Deloitte had made alliances with other companies and in 2018 it assured that 3 out of 4 companies found the technology attractive blockchain.

For its part, NYDIG launched in February 2022 a new service that offers workers to change a percentage of their monthly salary to Bitcoin.

Earlier in January Five Star Bank, New York-based banking entity subsidiary of Financial Institutions Inc., announced a strategic alliance with NYDIG to allow your customers to buy, sell and store Bitcoin in a safe way.

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