of Apple Stores are already refusing customers

Apple Store Istanbul

Turkey is currently in the throes of a severe crisis which saw its currency lose nearly 45% of its value in one year, including 15% on Tuesday alone. Some traders therefore find themselves unable to run their activity following the consequences of the event on fluctuations in the lira and on the price of imports. So much so that Apple, with its iPhone from China, would be one of the first victims.

The firm has in fact chosen to list as “unavailable” most of its online references, making it impossible for visitors to order them. Can’t tell when stocks will be back, but it was reported this week that ten billion dollars in aid from the United Arab Emirates could come to the aid of the administration of disputed President Tayyip Erdogan.

Physical stores in the panade

According to other information gathered this time by macReports, which also knows a lot about the Apple Car, Apple would also have chosen to turn away some customers at the entrance of its official stores. Quite long queues then formed in front of certain stores, including that of the Zorlu Center in Istanbul or even that of Akasya, located in the same city.

If according to this or that testimony the purchases of computers and accessories have since resumed, others assure that the Genius Bar has not for its part experienced any significant closure for the moment. It therefore seems that the hardware is the main victim of this affair. Remember that services, with $ 18.3 billion generated in the third quarter of 2021, are to date the second most important revenue vector for Cupertino.

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