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During its first keynote of the year, Apple launched its Mac Studio, a desktop computer that looks a lot like the Mac Mini, but is significantly more powerful than the latter. Since then, the first feedback has generally been very good and customers seem quite satisfied with this product.

“Unacceptable for a product of this price”

Nevertheless, Macrumor notes a fairly high level of complaints about a certain noise emitted by the device. Concretely, this problem only seems to concern those who have opted for the MI Max version and not M1 Ultra. A high-pitched sound from the fan disturbs the tranquility of users.

On their forum, our colleagues have noted many comments on this subject, like one of them who explains:

I ordered the M1 Max version with a 32 core GPU and 64 GB of RAM. After a week or two I started noticing a high pitched sound that I couldn’t ignore. (…). After a day of inspection, the Apple Store technician said it was just normal fan noise within the expected noise range and said there was nothing he could do about it. Disappointed, I called Apple Support again and they agreed to send me a new device as a replacement, which I am currently awaiting.

Another agrees: I just unboxed my Mac Studio with M1max (64GB RAM, 32 GPU cores, 1TB SSD). There is definitely an annoying noise. (…) This is unacceptable for a product of this price… »

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However, not all Mac Studio M1 Max models seem to be affected by this problem and many customers have had no problems. On your side, if you have purchased a Mac Studio, have you noticed any unusual noise? Tell us in the comments.

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