Olga Tañón asks those who voted for Donald Trump for explanations

Olga Tañón le pide explicaciones a quienes votaron por Donald Trump

After the reprehensible act of violence that took place, on Wednesday, February 6, in the United States Capitol, in Washington, many were the celebrities who came out to express themselves, share images and question themselves.

One of them was Olga Tañón, and ‘Wake up America’ He shared in his networks what the singer said:

“Many who supported the president and who said that the things that happened in other countries, in Venezuela and those things were not going to happen here, do they have the same way of thinking at this time? What a shame! What a shame!”, began by reflecting the Tañón and being direct to the followers of Donald trump.

Then he was even more forceful and without mincing words, he assured that the Americans were destroying their own country, with these words:

“Just imagine that this disaster, that we are seeing in the United States Capitol, we would have seen it with ‘black lives matter’, that the Muslims would have committed it, that the Mexicans, the Latinos would have committed it … No, here are the Americans, here are the gringos destroying this country, trying to destroy the democracy of this country, letting themselves be carried away by a damn madman who shouldn’t leave him even until the 20th, they should take him out right now “, he exhorted.

Let us remember that on Wednesday, January 6, an unprecedented event was experienced in the country, where a group of protesters stormed the Capitol, armed, with violence and even caused the loss of life. Some call that act a terrorist act and others a coup by the current president, Donlad Trump.



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