Omar Chaparro attacks “El Capi” Pérez in full broadcast of Venga la Alegría

Omar Chaparro attacks "El Capi" Pérez in full broadcast of Venga la Alegría

A few days ago the audience of Venga la Alegría was surprised after Omar Chaparro was in the morning forum as part of the promotion of his new movie “And how is he?”, since he has always been part of Televisa.

But what most caught the attention of the appearance of the actor It was when he interacted with “El Capi” Pérez, after he invited him to his “The Secret Files” section, where he revealed some of his best-kept secrets.

Chaparro resorted for a moment to his character of “The lawyer Pamela Juanjo” to try to avoid the questions of the driver of Venga la Alegría, but apparently the dynamics did not go so well.

“Violence is never good, but you on some occasion because of the damn alcohol it is true that you opened a shot very drunk”, said “El Capi” Pérez.

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