On iPhone 14 Pro Max, the back camera is impressive…

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Snaps of an iPhone 14 Pro Max alongside an iPhone 13 Pro Max have just been posted on Twitter. We can see a prominent dorsal photo module with the future model, much more than for the current version. And for good reason: according to information already relayed in the specialized press, the first would be thick 4.17mm versus 3.6mm today.

But that’s not all, since in terms of dimensions the triple rear sensor iPhone 14 Pro Max should also be larger with 36.24 mm x 38.21 mm against 35.01 x 36.73 mm previously. This can be explained in several ways, but the most likely reason seems to be that the more powerful zoom has not yet been entitled to the “periscope” technology which would arrive in 2023 with 48 megapixels on the counter.

A higher bill for the heads in the air

In theory, if you want to avoid breakage, you will therefore have to buy a protective case since the old protections of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will not be compatible with those of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We assume that the same will be true for the lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro, which we imagine to be identical. The “classic” iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, meanwhile, will be limited to a duo of twelve-megapixel lenses if the rumor is true.

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In the Apple Store, a silicone protective shell is like spending a fifty euros if you are aiming for an official model. Be aware, however, that there are far more affordable third-party brand alternatives, whether you’re looking at collections from Otterbox, Rhinoshield, or even Spigen.

End of the notch at the front!

With this, the account behind these stolen photos also has an image where we recognize the top of an iPhone 14 Pro Max with the speaker dedicated to calls as well as the front camera. This is outlined in the form of punch and thus abandons the notch format which has earned it many criticisms since its inception.

Difficult to know here if we are in the presence of a real prototype or a model simply printed in three dimensions by an amateur, nevertheless everything fits with the majority of the hallway noise shared since the Worldwide Developer Conference about the iPhone 14s.

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