On Mac, problems are rarely caused by the hardware.

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Rescuecom, a company specializing in computer repair has just carried out a study to better understand the problems encountered by Mac owners. One thing is clear from the outset, concerns more often come from peripheral equipment and e-mails and much less from the hardware sold by Apple.

Problems related to macOS are very few

In detail, the authors note that concerns related to printers and e-mails represent 19.3% and 18.7% of requests received. The “Internet or network” category follows with 14.1%. Problems caused by viruses or a sluggish computer account for 13.6% and 13.4% of the total, respectively.

Look further down the list to find data recovery requests: 9.9% or blue and blank screens: 8.1%. Finally, the hardware is implicated in 0.53% of requests, while concerns with macOS or Mac applications represent 0.35 and 0.18% of requests.

Rescuecom also clarifies that this small percentage of problems with macOS is very different from the frequency of those experienced by Windows users. Quoted by our colleagues fromAppleinsider, David A. Milman, its CEO specifies on this subject:

macOS is reliable because it is specially designed to run on hardware designed and manufactured by Apple, while Windows has to run on thousands of different computer configurations. For this reason, Apple systems and software do not require the high level of computer repair that we see with Windows machines.

This reliability, which has already been praised by several studies, does not prevent some mishaps. So, in October 2019, we told you about the problems encountered by a significant number of users of the new version of macOS, Catalina. Many bugs and malfunctions were then reported, while some of Apple’s choices were criticized.

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