On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

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In the SEO world, there is a plethora of plugins and extensions for browsers, especially for Google Chrome and Firefox. Free or paid, these extensions allow you to easily (and quickly) view or collect a panel of useful information in the analysis of a page or a domain, but not only …

In this article, we will go over a selection of Chrome extensions for On Page SEO analysis. The objective here is not to list exhaustively all the free extensions available on the Chrome Web Store but to present those that we actually use, those that have proven to be essential to our daily SEO consultants.

SEO Meta in 1 click: the main SEO information, in 1 click

SEO Meta in 1 click

In its first tab, SEO Meta in 1 click allows you to quickly visualize the main SEO metas, like :

But also :

  • Number of titles hn (h1, h2, h3 …)
  • Number of images
  • Number of outgoing links
  • And various “macro” information on links, metas, scripts …

Summary SEO meta

It is mainly for its very practical “Summary” functionality that we like this extension. SEO Meta in 1 click also displays all the hn titles in its “Headers” tab. The “images” tab displays the urls, the contents of the alt tags and the titles of the images. In the “Links” tab, you will find a summary of the links on the page, as well as a list of all the links:

seo links

Finally, the social tab allows you to find the content of OG tags, Twitter card etc.

SEO Meta in 1 click is therefore a practical and relatively complete tool that allows you to quickly know the main “on page” elements used for natural referencing.

In the same category, we also find the Open SEO Stats extension which offers much the same thing with some additional data such as traffic estimates (not always functional), information on the site (domain, location, IP, presence of the robots.txt, sitemap…), and some less data (images, hn structure).

Download SEO META in 1 Click

Web Developer: the Chrome extension designed for developers, downloaded by SEOs

webdevlopper extension chrome

Arguably one of the handiest extensions for Google Chrome on this list. Web Developer is full of features and it would surely take an entire article to detail all the possibilities that this tool offers. We will focus here only on the main functions.

The Disable tab:


As its name suggests, this tab of the Web Developper extension allows you to disable certain elements on a page. This can be practical in navigation in general but in terms of SEO, we particularly appreciate the option “Disable JavaScript” which allows you to navigate on a page / site without JS and to see how the site behaves. Typically, see if all the content is still accessible without Javascript.

The CSS tab:

CSS Toolbar

In the same logic as for the “Disable” tab, we also use the CSS part to deactivate all the “Disable All Styles” styles, and see how the page looks without CSS. This very often makes it possible to detect points of improvement.

The Information tab:

information toolbar

In the “Information” tab, we mainly use two functions: the “View Document Outline” function and the “Display Link Details” function.
“View Document Outline” only displays the hn titles, which allows you to see at a glance whether the page has structural problems (missing title, title break, empty tag, etc.) and also the semantic relevance of these titles :

On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

The “Display Link Details” function makes it possible to display the urls of all the links present on a page, which can be practical, if only to quickly find out all the pages targeted by the links.

On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

The Outline tab:

outline toolbar

Finally, in the “Outline” tab, there is the “Outline Headings” function which allows you to frame the hn titles directly on the page:

On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

In short, the Web Developer Toolbar plugin is a complete Google chrome extension that is very practical for everyday use. It is clearly one of the essential SEO extensions.

Download Web Developer Toolbar

Redirect Path: status code and (paths) of redirects

Chrome Redirect Path Extension

A simple and efficient SEO tool allowing to check and verify the HTTP headers (response code 200, 404, 500 etc.) of a url and above all, the potential redirects. Redirect Path indeed displays all the redirects and their type (302, 301, 307, 308…) which makes it possible to test or verify particular pages, to detect the chains of redirects and to know their details. The Redirect Path plugin also mentions the presence of redirect loops. The extension finally displays various information extracted from the header and others (content type, server, cache etc.):

A very practical extension that our consultants particularly like.

redirect path

A very practical extension for Google Chrome that our consultants are particularly fond of….

Download the Redirect Path plugin

Check My Links: detect and check the links on a page (hence the name)

My Links chrome check extensionCheck My Links is a plugin for Google Chrome that allows, as its name suggests, to highlight and control the links on a page.
The extension allows, among other things, to detect:

  • valid links (in dark green)
  • redirected links (in light green)
  • links with problems (empty link, without anchor, ending with “#” …: in yellow)
  • broken “invalid” links. (in red)
  • nofollow links

On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

An interesting SEO tool to analyze the links on a page, identify errors and optimization points. Useful for fine-tuning your mesh of internal links and quickly auditing a page.

Download Check My Links

Image Size Info: nothing to add

image size info extension

Image Size Info is a simple and efficient extension for Google Chrome that displays the link, size, format, and weight of an image file:

image size info

Accessible with the right click, this extension can be useful to quickly know the format and the weight of an image in… two clicks.

The Bonus: Links On-Page (Bookmarklet)

It is not an extension strictly speaking but a script to add in bookmark which makes it possible to list, sort and easily copy all the links of a web page. It distinguishes between follow / nofollow, internal / external links and informs the anchors of each link:

links on page

At the bottom of the page, boxes are also generated by type of link allowing you to easily copy and paste all the links which is very practical:

On page SEO: 5 essential free SEO Chrome extensions

Conclusion on (free) extensions for on-page SEO analysis on Google Chrome

As explained at the beginning of the article, there are a large number of Chrome extensions for on-page SEO analysis. We have listed above only the most frequently used extensions to quickly audit a web page. Extensions dedicated to Lighthouse-type performance analysis have been excluded from this listing in the sense that they go a little outside the strict framework of On-Page analysis. It’s more about template and server optimization than the page itself.

In addition, it is important to remember that these extensions are certainly very practical but that they are far from being sufficient on their own. They allow you to observe specific points and highlight avenues for optimization, but nothing replaces a real SEO technical audit. The use of crawlers in particular (like Screaming Frog to name just one) remains essential to have a complete vision of the factors blocking the natural referencing of a website.

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