On the way to Moncton via Bouctouche and Shediac

On the way to Moncton via Bouctouche and Shediac

It was after a beautiful night thunderstorm that we hit the road to discover the Bouctouche region and end our day in Moncton. On the program for this day: dune, beach and Street-Art.

The Irving eco-center of the Dune de Bouctouche

Backed by the Irving gas station company (yes, green-washing has no limits), theEco-center of the Dune of Bouctouche offers a nice ride on a boardwalk that overlooks the dune, in order to protect it and preserve its ecosystem. Beyond constituting the habitat of a large quantity of plants and animals (birds, fish, mammals…), the dune also serves as protection for the salt marshes of the region.

12 km long, the dune of Bouctouche bay is formed and undone with the wind. Tides and storms change its position and shape.

Passerelle Dune Bouctouche Road trip New Brunswick Canada

Originally designed for 2km, the footbridge is now just over 800m. The ravages of nature on the dune got the better of the rest of the structure. But it is possible to extend your walk via the marsh path which is connected to the footbridge or on the beach below. And why not, take the opportunity to swim in the warm waters that extend at the foot of the dune.

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Direction Shediac to enjoy Parlee Beach

It is one of the beaches that we were highly recommended for this roadtrip in New Brunswick. We therefore take the road to Shediac to reach Parlee Beach Provincial Park. Admission is $ 13 per vehicle for the whole day (with the possibility of entering and exiting as you wish).

The car parks are numerous and large enough to accommodate our RV. We will even find very large trailers and even entire buses right next to us.

Parlee Beach Shebiac Road trip New Brunswick Canada

Parlee Beach well deserves its reputation as a beautiful New Brunswick beach. The beach is large, fully maintained and raked to remove debris and algae but the water is quite cool. During our stay, it was quite windy which prevented us from lying for a long time on our towels. We recommend that you provide beach seats like all premises, you will be better installed and less hampered by squalls of sand. Although there is a lot of parking available, it was not very crowded in the morning on the sand. The beach was filled especially at the beginning of the afternoon, especially at the level of the part supervised by the lifeguards.

We take advantage of being in Shediac to taste some Acadian culinary specialties. For that, direction Acadian menu 1 km from Parlee Beach Provincial Park. This small canteen offers several Acadian specialties including grated poutine and hole-in-the-hole poutine. Two poutines that have nothing to do with Quebec poutine. Grated poutine, which is the Acadians’ national dish, is a ball the size of a tennis ball boiled in water for three hours. Composed of cooked, mashed and raw potatoes and garnished with meat (bacon, pork). All drizzled with a water and brown sugar sauce. Really very special! As for the poutine with hole, it is a dessert in the form of a donut stuffed with small raisins, cranberries and apple pieces. Good but very consistent.

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End of the day with Moncton Street-Art

It is at the end of the afternoon that we reach Moncton. This small town still surprised us by the number of terraces, cafes and restaurants lively on Friday afternoon.

Downtown Moncton New Brunswick City trip
Reflet Moncton New Brunswick City trip

But what prompted us to plan a stop in Moncton were his street art works spread across the city center and within walking distance. Some of them can be discovered from Main Street, in the area bounded by Foundry Street, King Street, Queen Street and Assumption Boulevard.

Simpson Moncton New Brunswick City trip
Work Street Art Moncton New Brunswick City trip

They are listed on this site: here. This route will allow you to walk around downtown Moncton for about 2 hours. But also to pass in particular in front of the town hall and the Riverfront park.

Mural Street art Moncton New Brunswick City trip
Street Art Lego Moncton New Brunswick City trip

Where to stay in Moncton?

There are quite a few accommodations available in and around Moncton to suit all tastes and budgets. Here are some suggestions:

  • Capitol Robinson : Enjoy a deluxe Queen studio with private bathroom, wifi and free cancellation starting at $ 165 per night in this hotel with neat and modern decoration.
  • Canvas Moncton : For lovers of industrial style, King bed room with private bathroom starting at $ 189 per night with free cancellation.
  • Station 1 : Certainly our favorite in Moncton! Suites with private bathroom and kitchenette from $ 225 per night with free cancellation.
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Rivière Chocolat Moncton New Brunswick City trip

Our Freecamp near the city center

With our RV, we set up in the baseball field parking lot in Riverfront Park. Although the parking lot is not concrete, we were able to find a small flat area to spend the night. No disturbances to report and we even got to observe a local baseball practice.

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