One game in, one game out

Los jugadores del Valencia, en el entrenamiento.

Valencia Y Celtic they play a game as soulless as tensein an afternoon of soccer as bland as it is vindictive (follow the match live on The only sports incentive has it Iago Aspaswho wants to overcome Raul De Tomas goal tally and finish the season again as the top national scorer, thus equaling David Villa who was also top scorer for four years as Moaña aspires to be. Then there are the already known farewells, such as those of Cheryshev, Denis Suárez or Nolitoand the morbidity of the faces of the candidates to leave, with their sights set on Carlos Soler and Gayà. Also in Guedes, although to a lesser extent because of the symbolism of the homegrown players.

Shield/Flag Valencia

The game of goals and gestures is played on the pitch; that of feeling, outside of Mestalla. Valencia has been preparing all week for what the organizers hope will be the particular ‘black and white May’. The audios of Anil Murthy they have only made put wood on the fire of the protests. Several platforms have called a demonstration at the gate of the stadium and what is sought in an impressive image at an international level, that of an empty Mestalla while the team plays but with thousands of fans outside protesting against Lim.

Celtic Shield/Flag

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Murthy will keep an ear on what they say from outside and with eyes on what happens on the lawn. In a war economy like Valencia’s -Bordalás pointed out yesterday that they have told him that players have to be sold for “65 or 70 million euros”-, It is not the same to be 9th and receive 10.8 million for it than to be 11th and keep 9 million. The blame for the 1.8 more or less lies with the three points today and what Osasuna does against Mallorca. And the same thing happens to Celta, who like Valencia reaches the last day in that range of positions.


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