one more bug, external displays affected

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Version 12.3 of macOS has recently been released, with some nice new features. Unfortunately, for a handful of unlucky users, the update also brought its share of inconveniences.

Players are especially affected. Indeed, we have noted a bug affecting Bluetooth gamepads, such as those of PlayStation and Xbox, but also a malfunction concerning certain external GPUs.

For a few hours, this is a new concern that has been going up in the Apple forums and among our American colleagues. MacRumors reports indeed that macOS 12.3 causes problems for Mac users taking advantage of a external display.

It may indeed happen that an external screen connected in USB-C to the main machine is no longer detected after the update. While everything worked like clockwork under the old version of the OS. More broadly, the bug would also affect certain screens connected via HDMI to a Mac running macOS 12.3. The new Apple Studio Display would not be affected, however.

What solution(s) while waiting for a reaction from Apple?

Some users say they have regained normal functioning using one of the following solutions:

  • Go to your screen settings, if possible, and change the DisplayPortVersion setting. If this one is in 1.4, pass it for example in 1.2
  • Completely unplug your external screen for a while, from the Mac and from the power supply. Reconnect it to the Mac, then to the power supply
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Do not hesitate to tell us if you are affected by this external screen bug under macOS 12.3 and if you have found a solution. Waiting for a corrective update to arrive without delay!

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