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iPhone 14 Pro concept

In 2020 already, first rumors concerning the arrival of a periscope lens on iPhone came from Asian production circuits officiating on behalf of Apple. Since then, the indices on this subject have multiplied and other companies have also chosen to integrate a component of this type under the hood of their products.

Samsung in particular, which understood that using this technology was enough to convince more customers. Indeed, one of its main advantages consists in save space while allowing the zoom to be more powerful thanks to a new reflection system. Particularly efficient, it is retractable to lose weight.

Supplier to report

According to new information from The Electricit is jahwa who would manufacture this lens for future iPhones. The name of this company had already been mentioned a little earlier, concerning the model which should be presented to the general public in September. Then, it is assumed that Sony will take care of the final assembly under the Exmor brand.

In terms of timing, the Korean media is betting on the first factory releases by the second quarter of 2023: it is therefore rather theiPhone 15 Pro who seems concerned. Apple would have already visited the premises of the service provider. But additional supply chains specially dedicated to iOS mobiles would await its approval, which Cupertino reserves the right to revoke at any time as its standards are strict. Cost of the buildings: more than 140 million euros.

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The best APN ever seen on iPhone

With 12 megapixels on the counter for nearly seven years, the iPhone aims to quadruple this figure shortly after Ming-Chi Kuo. This sizeable argument can completely justify an investment of this order, especially when we know the expectations of the market in this area.

Indeed, the competition has been up to date for a long time now, whereas Apple has only just started taking macro shots. A shame for products whose price is equivalent to the monthly minimum wage of the French, some of whom were then forced to spend more on accessories or editing apps.

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