Oops, the iPad mini 6 has a new problem

iPad mini 6 bug

A week ago, buyers of the new, sixth-generation iPad mini reported that the screen behaves strangely when scrolling through information. Now, other Internet users are also having a problem, but this time when you press and hold the display. The image is then the victim of distortion and discoloration in its upper part. We can see the phenomenon in more detail in this video:

First of all, in order to be alarmed, it is obvious that it is just not recommended to behave in this way with an LCD panel. However, several Reddit users were able to reproduce the bug, which could therefore really be due to an error on the part of Apple. Another manager could be located directly in the production or assembly line, it would then be a subcontractor in Asia.

A reaction to come?

Apple has not yet posted a comment on this somewhat surprising discovery. A victim who would have encountered the problem on his own tablet and would have gone to the Apple Store to obtain an explanation would have nevertheless been provided with a replacement device. The story does not say, however, whether he had to pay to take advantage of it, but it is possible on the contrary that the manufacturer provided him with the product for free.

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Consequently, it could then be a disguised admission of lack of conformity. Apple sometimes agrees to repair items without billing their owner, when the company believes it has not designed the device correctly. This is particularly what happened to the iPhone 8 for several years, via a dedicated program that has just ended.

An employee confirms

Another clue which leads to believe that a free replacement is in the boxes: a technician officiating in an Apple Store would have mentioned “not be surprised”If such an operation were to see the light of day. It should be remembered, however, that employees cannot communicate unofficial information to customers, which allows this statement to be considered with a certain precaution. However, sometimes this is the case, but violators expose themselves to serious legal risks for having violated industrial or commercial secrecy.

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