Open a Lightning channel without confirmations from the Bitcoin network with this application

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Lightning is the payment network that works as the second layer of Bitcoin. Both networks are intimately linked, since to open a Lightning channel you need to make a transaction that is confirmed by the miners and added to the history in the main Bitcoin network.

However, there is the implementation of turbo channels (Turbo Channelsin English), which do not require such confirmation from the network to work.

Now the creation of turbo channels can be done simply thanks to a new feature of Sensei, an implementation of Lightning nodes. A) Yes, You no longer have to wait for your channel opening transaction to be included in a Bitcoin network block..

In other words, just by configuring your node and channel, and coordinating with another person or company you trust, you can send bitcoins immediately through the payment of an invoice or invoice by Lightning.

Developer John Cantrell explained it through a broadcast on Twitch (shared on his Twitter), where shows how he managed to send 5,000 satoshis (fractions of bitcoin or BTC) without the channel where these were deposited having a confirmation from the network for its opening.

Delegate trust: undesirable but possible

The developer explained that this ability requires trusting the counterpart entirelythat is, in that the node with which you have the channel open will not try to steal your bitcoins deposited there.


Open a Lightning channel without confirmations from the Bitcoin network with this application

“If there is a double spend or the payment is never confirmed then you will lose the funds that have been sent to you through the channel. It can still be useful in certain circumstances even though there is already a fair amount of trust.” assured.

The part that accepts the channel with 0 confirmations (0-conf channel) is accepting all risk. If the transaction fails to confirm, then all money received in the channel will be reversed as if it never existed in the first place. You really should only agree to open 0 confirm channels with people you have complete trust in.

John Cantrell, Bitcoin and Lightning developer.

According to the portal The Bitcoin Manual, turbo channels need trust due to lack of verification with Bitcoin mainnet. They explain this in the context of some wallets that offer this ability to facilitate the user experience with Lightning, as is the case of the Muun wallet, which we have reviewed in CriptoNoticias.

As long as the channel opening transaction remains unconfirmed in the Bitcoin base layer, and is held in the mempool, there is no way to confirm the existence of the channel. If the provider of a wallet runs away and cancels the transaction in the mempool, the user will lose all the funds that he failed to send while the channel was open.


The portal explains that the reputation of the parties and the cost-benefit ratio play a fundamental role in the opening of thethe turbo channels. “The wallet provider needs to decide if it is worth stealing your funds or allowing you to use them and earn commissions for offering you a good experience,” they detail.

However, they clarify that any attempt to cancel a transaction would be completely publicso “the intention of the service provider wallet would not go unnoticed, and the evidence would be recorded in the chain,” they detail.

What is Sensei implementation?

sensei it is described on its website as “a Lightning node for your community.” “Sensei is an implementation of Lightning nodes focused on making Bitcoin accessible to everyone,” they explain.

In addition, it has interesting capabilities such as child nodes, or, in English, lightweight child nodeswhich they describe as nodes that are easy and light to run but depend on a main parent node for their operation.

This makes it easy to reproduce or increase the number of Lightning nodeswhich would potentially create more payment routes, growing the network and decentralizing it a bit more.

Open a Lightning channel without confirmations from the Bitcoin network with this application
Sensei is a simple implementation of Lightning nodes. Font: sensei.

Lightning continues to expand its tools and possibilities

Some developments in Lightning are improving the user experience by sending bitcoins quickly through this network, both in terms of efficiency, as well as in terms of privacy and other demanded features.

CriptoNoticias reviewed a proposal to make this network more private with blind routes or blind pathsa method that would allow you to send payments by Lightning without the receiver knowing which network nodes transmitted said transaction.

Also, we report that currently more than 4,000 BTC can be sent via Lightninga network that was initially designed to make micropayments but now has amazing numbers of liquidity and capacity.

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