OpenStreetMap, an alternative to Google Maps

OpenStreetMap agence AntheDesign

Based on an evolving policy, it can be modified at any time by an Internet user who has relevant information. Better yet, you have free access to the database of this map, which is not the case with Google Maps. The latter is arguably the most popular card and offers great features. But its limitations are pushing more and more users to turn to other providers. Find out why using the card OpenStreetMap you would benefit.

A free license that allows access to data

When it was created, Google Maps was also free, but after years there have been changes. Among other things: the number of free requests per day has been reduced. As well as an obligation to fill in the credit card number before use. These constraints do not represent any obstacle for small users, but those for whom the card is a working tool are forced to turn to more flexible services.

OpenStreetMap is a free map which offers great freedom to users. With its free license, it allows free access to the data used for its construction. This allows you to build a map of your choice without asking the supplier’s agreement.

OpenStreetMap, a map that represents the whole world

Whatever your city or country of residence, you can freely use OpenStreetMap. It contains detailed information on :

  • towns,
  • the buildings,
  • the streets,
  • public places,
  • and even the smallest landmarks.
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Whether you are looking for a restaurant, an alley cash machine, you will get all the information you need on this map.

OpenStreetMap is ideal for people who conduct research and who usually initiate a large number of queries per day. The use being free and free, you will not be forced to pay after a certain number of requests.

This card is all the more interesting as it is open to everyone. That said, if during your research, if you notice that information is incomplete, you can freely complete it. And if it is wrong, it will suffice to change it.

Mélanie, curious as she is, created her account on OpenStreetMap. Once her registration (free) was validated, Mélanie pointed to the AntheDesign agency and filled in the form.

A very strong community that completes the map in real time

It is common knowledge that services and applications with a large community on the internet are very rich. Although Google Maps is the most popular map, it cannot be changed by all users.

This is not the case with OpenStreetMap, whose number of contributors is in the thousands across the world. It is a very detailed map and much more complete than the others.

The updates are carried out spontaneously by users who are on the lookout for cartographic changes. Changes made to public places are generally incorporated there just a few days after the opening.

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World maps are essential tools for organizations called upon to carry out actions on the ground. The more complete a map, the better, because it allows you to have all the landmarks for the descents on the ground. International humanitarian organizations are also major users of these services.

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