Oscar Mayer launches a face mask inspired by Bologna and no, I’m not kidding

Las mascarillas faciales Oscar Mayer creadas por Seoul Mamas, son hidratantes y promueven la elasticidad de la piel.

Oscar Mayer face masks created by Seoul Mamas, are hydrating and promote skin elasticity.

Photo: Oscar Mayer/Business Wire/Courtesy

“Put it on your face, not on your sandwich.” For adults who used to make a face mask out of a slice of bologna or ham when they were kids, and who today are beauty enthusiasts, Oscar Mayer launches a face mask inspired by Bolognawhich can be part of a real skincare routine.

The Oscar Mayer’s face mask is not made at the sausage factory, but by Seoul Mamaone of the leading Korean beauty and skin care companies.

Depending on the brand, Bologna-inspired facial masks have a moisturizing and restorative hydrogel that promotes skin elasticityimproves hydration and moisture retention, offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and provides skin protection.

According to the product description, “Botanical and seaweed-derived ingredients protect and moisturize. Collagen locks in moisture and promotes skin elasticity.”

On the packaging you can also read the warning in red capital letters: “DO NOT EAT BOLOGNA MASKS”.

Oscar Mayer shares that the mask was born as a modern way to awaken smiles. “Rejuvenate your skin while bringing back that childhood joy… They will bring an unexpected smile to your face.”

The Oscar Mayer face masks inspired by Bologna they are limited edition, they cost $5 and are available for purchase on Amazon starting this January 19 while supplies last.

“The Bologna design induces unparalleled serotonin surges and a prolific amount of selfies,” reads the Oscar Mayer mask features on Amazon.

“Oscar Mayer has a legacy of bringing lightness to things that have become too serious, and beauty is fertile territory for playful subversion,” Lindsey Ressler, senior marketing analyst for Oscar Mayer, said in a statement.

“Inspired by those who used to make masks out of their bologna as children, this product was born as a modern way to spark smiles for Oscar Mayer fans and beauty enthusiasts alike,” added Ressler.

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