Our 10 favorite hotels around the world! – NEXT TRAVEL

Our 10 favorite hotels around the world! - NEXT TRAVEL

As you know, we love beautiful accommodation, so today we are sharing our 10 favorites for the year 2021. From France to Kenya via Mexico, come and be amazed!

To discover our favorites exclusively in France, I let you read our first digital guide “Escape” for lovers of stylish hotels, trendy places and unforgettable experiences.

I also give you an appointment on this page to find the nugget of your next getaway!

Good discovery…

Six Senses Residences Ibiza


WE love :

  • the location in the wild north of the island
  • the diversity of accommodation: villas, suites and “caves”
  • organic and seasonal cuisine by Israeli chef Eyal Shani
  • the many restaurants and bars
  • the farm on site for even more local products

The Kip

Sri Lanka

WE love :

  • the bohemian style of the decoration
  • the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the place
  • the location in the south of Sri Lanka: surf spot par excellence
  • the shop with ethical and sustainable products from local artisans or small Australian brands
  • the slowlife spirit of the owners which is felt from the atmosphere to the plate
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WE love :

  • the location in the heart of the Borana reserve
  • the perfect balance between rusticity and finesse of the decoration
  • the team of 14 people ready to pamper you
  • Cistercian-inspired architecture in total harmony with nature
  • the sumptuous view of the East African rift

Aman Sveti Stefan


WE love :

  • location in a country still too little known
  • the sumptuous view of the bay and the waters of Montenegro
  • the 1600m2 spa using traditional products from the region
  • accommodation located both on the coast and on an island
  • local cuisine in the hotel restaurants

Paradero Hotels


WE love :

  • the wide choice of activities available at the hotel
  • the infinity pool and its incredible view of the surrounding landscape
  • Mexican cuisine with local and seasonal products
  • the 35 suites, some with rooftop, others with outdoor spaces
  • the design combining beige concrete, wood and metal

Suarga Padang Padang


WE love :

  • the impressive central bamboo structure
  • rooms reflecting the perfect balance between contemporary tropical architecture and local Balinese craftsmanship
  • the location in Uluwatu in one of the Balinese hotspots
  • the eco-responsible spirit of the place
  • the restaurant and its magnificent view of nature



WE love :

  • the intimate, luxurious and peaceful atmosphere of the hotel
  • the breathtaking panoramic view of the Aegean Sea
  • Mykonian-style architecture: refined, whitewashed walls, neutral color palette
  • the availability of a concierge on site to organize all your desires
  • wellness services: spa, yoga, pilates, fitness
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Lou Pinet

Saint Tropez

WE love :

  • the vintage chic atmosphere and the bohemian charm of the place
  • the spa and its American products Tata Harper
  • the beefbar, restaurant presenting the best meats in the world
  • the 34 rooms and their timeless decoration in light tones revived by the bright colors of the south
  • architecture giving the impression of being in a luxurious retreat from the 60s

Luz Houses


WE love :

  • feel like in a small village in the heart of the forest
  • the eclectic decoration mixing wood, concrete, design objects and antique objects
  • the wellness area in an illuminated “cellar”
  • the “mother house” is the central place where everything happens: bar, shop, reception, restaurant
  • the location in the center of the country to visit the surroundings

Be Tulum


WE love :

  • the location between jungle, sea and white sand
  • the 64 boho-chic rooms combining nature and style
  • the 4 Fuegos restaurant and its seasonal dishes cooked on the traditional grill
  • the wellness area: spa with various treatments, yoga and meditation
  • the construction of the hotel respectful of nature

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