Our 10 tips for getting more Instagram followers

Are you having trouble getting started on Instagram? One of our clients just doubled the number of followers on his Instagram page and his engagement increased exponentially over a period of just 6 months. The other day we gave some tips on getting more Instagram followers and got a super nice thank you email: our Instagram tips worked well and this person also got more Instagram followers in a little while. of time! So it’s high time we shared our secret Instagram sauce with you: here are our 10 tips for building your personal brand on Instagram.

Know that the fight is only half won in increasing your number of followers : What you do with this new audience is just as important. Most of our tips will also help you retain your subscribers current and strengthen the bond that unites you to them. Having more people who like to see your content will help growth of your Instagram account.

1. Choose one or more themes for your Instagram account

One particularly useful tip for growing your Instagram profile is to limit the number of themes you use, so your followers know exactly what to expect. What will you be talking about on your Instagram? Pick a few topics that are close to your heart and that you would like to share with your audience.

Do your best to only talk about these topics. This will prevent your account from becoming too large, with content that may no longer interest your target audience. Think of yourself as a brand and think about which themes best fit that brand. Here are some popular examples by the way: sports, cryptocurrency, product reviews, history, etc. Some niches are saturated with content, so it’s up to you to create innovative content.

2. Be personal and sincere

You can also think of Instagram as a kind of personal blog. Like a story about how your week went, what you’re proud of or what you want to improve. This is a channel where on Instagram it is very easy to post a paragraph if you really have something to say. And believe us, once you feel comfortable and more authentic, it will be easier to attract new followers to your Instagram account.

3. Chat with your followers on Instagram

The best Instagram posts are the ones that get a lot of comments and reactions. It is very exciting to post a photo with a call to action because it can happen that there are few responses at first. This is something that develops over time and with practice, especially if you haven’t started a lot of conversations. Your followers will have to get used to it. In any case, it’s really worth it because in the end, it’s an ideal way to create a direct connection with your Instagram followers!

See some examples of Instagram posts that get a lot of reactions:

  • Share your goals for the upcoming week, month, or year and ask your followers if they have any, too.
  • Share and ask for reading tips.
  • Instagram Q&A: Answer your followers’ questions in a video or post.
  • Ask for advice for a vacation destination.

Still struggling to get more engagement for your Instagram posts? Click here for more tips.

4. Organize Instagram competitions

An Instagram competition can certainly help you grow on Instagram, but it’s even more fun that you can give your followers something to thank them for. If you are selling products, it will be particularly easy to give a giveaway, but you can also run an Instagram contest at no cost to you. For example, you can affiliate your Instagram profile with certain brands and offer several of their products to promote them.

You can also ask questions or riddles of your audience. A very simple example would be a post in which you ask them to be the team that wowed them the most during Euro 2021!

5. Only post good quality photos

Most people who are on Instagram decide to follow someone based on a photo that has captured their attention. This usually makes people curious enough to want to take a look at your account and contemplate your latest photos. It is therefore important that the quality of these last photos is good, in order to leave a good impression on the curious who venture on your profile. The next method can make you gain lots of subscribers quickly without having to buy them like on Followerspascher.

6. Post consistently to your News Feed.

Not only is it important to have quality photos or videos, it is very important that you post content consistently. To capture the attention of your audience, you need to publish several times a week and keep a high publication rate. Test which days are the best for posting and try to align your posts with these times. There are also tools that make it easier for you to discover the right post times.

Remember to post content that is only part of your niche. You have chosen this niche for a good reason and it will give your subscribers a good idea of ​​the value you have to offer.

6. Write a perfect Instagram bio that suits you

This is classic Instagram advice, but so important! In your Instagram bio, you show who you are and what you do, but most importantly, why people should follow you. This is the first thing that should be clear when someone is viewing your Instagram account.

Think about what makes you special and therefore why someone should follow you on Instagram. Try not to write down what you think people want to hear. People will quickly notice a description that doesn’t make sense. Be original and above all, don’t plagiarize. What makes you unique simply cannot be obtained elsewhere.

7. Make friends on Instagram!

Who are the other Instagrammers you follow? Do they know about your existence or are you just a silent participant? Respond to photos of people you really like. Ask them a question and tell them why you like them. Instagram allows so much more than simple exchanges. By being active on Instagram yourself and reacting to other people’s content, you will make your account even more visible. But beware: replying for the sake of replying is irritating and goes against unofficial Instagram rules. Always be honest, otherwise there is no difference between you and a bot.

8. (Hash) tag!

Instagram hashtags can make all the difference. They are particularly useful for finding photos. So be sure to use the right hashtags so that people looking for a photo will find you there. Tagging a place on Instagram is also a good way to refine your presence on Instagram. You will be able to tag a restaurant, a city or an event in which you participate.

What takes the most time is finding the best tags. So do some research from time to time and list them in a separate document. You can build a list using sites like tagsforlikes.com, where you can find the most popular hashtags based on the topic.

9. Set up the highlights of your Instagram Story correctly

Think of your Instagram as a camouflaged website where people can find out all the most important things about you. Now that we’ve already discussed your bio and News Feed, there’s another important spot on your profile that deserves your attention. The highlights of your Instagram Stories! These are stored stories that are the perfect way to introduce yourself, what your product, service or business does, and with which you can relate to people in a personal way. You can also put a collection of stories there that are so good, you can present them for 24 hours.

10. Remove subscribers !?

This technique may seem weird. Does that shock you? Wait and see! Here we are talking about removing profiles that started following you but are NOT in your target group. These could be spam accounts or businesses that follow thousands of people with the sole hope of being followed back.

Sometimes, it is even necessary to remove “regular” subscribers, especially these are profiles who do not speak French, who do not engage, or who are not part of your target audience. And no, it’s not fun to remove dozens of followers, but sometimes it is necessary.

The reason we recommend this is: Instagram’s algorithm ensures that only 10% of your followers will see your last post in their timeline as soon as it goes live. If your post experiences a high engagement rate during the first few hours, Instagram decides if your post is interesting enough to show to all of your followers. So imagine if this small part is made up of inactive accounts… you understand better? It is therefore preferable that each follower is an active account that is interested in your content.

There ! Hope these Instagram tips can help you! It’s up to you to do the rest!

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