Our history ! – NEXT TRAVEL

Our history ! - NEXT TRAVEL

An unfiltered article, in which we tell you our story and behind the scenes of Next Travel! (I promise it is not long ^^)

It was during the summer of 2018, on vacation all 3, that the idea of ​​Next Travel began to germinate in our heads. Being all 3 in post, in our first jobs following our studies, we decided to continue to gain experience before launching headlong into the entrepreneurial adventure.

A few weeks later, we will talk about it again and the desire is still there, it is there that we understand that the adventure has only just begun …

At the time, we identified a need for help with the organization of trips because we all know that we spend hours (on average 30 hours for a roadtrip type trip) looking for information on the internet, whether for hotels , activities or even itineraries. Most of the time, the information is not up to date, and we cannot necessarily find the right fit. After having discussed their needs with those around us, carried out a competitive intelligence and so on… The Next Travel – Travel Consulting adventure was launched in spring 2019!

It was a great success from the first months, very happy we decided to push the project further, to think bigger and therefore to question our basic product to make it more technical and viable in the long term. It’s a hell of a stage in the life of an entrepreneur, a real challenge and it makes the adventure more exciting!

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(To learn more about the first moments, we have already written an article, just here and to learn more about our Travel Advice product, you can take a look here)

We are in September 2019 and at the same time we are starting to build a new, more innovative product, with real technology behind it, a product that will revolutionize the way you travel.

1st step and not the least: become a travel agent! Solid file to build, unfailing motivation, we take our oral exam a few days before the announcements of confinement … GOOD NEWS, our file is validated by the Professional Association of Solidarity in Tourism, we therefore obtain our financial guarantee, we have no more than the step of Atout France to be registered as a travel agent. The other side of the coin is that confinement is announced, the processes are longer, the signatures are delayed … We only get this famous registration in June 2020.

We understand that our new product will not be able to see the light of day, it is unfortunately no longer aligned with the consumption models and customer expectations that have been turned upside down by COVID … We had put all our heart into it, we had obtained our registration thanks to him and after 7 months of development it will not see the light of day. What a disappointment… We need more, we get up and we move forward! The idea remains of course in the back of our heads because we believe a lot in this model, we hope to be able to adapt / develop it in the years to come!

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The year 2020, this particular period, not obvious, heavy and so on, still allowed us to question ourselves and take a step back. This step back was beneficial, after spending a few months taking 1 step forward then 10 backward, moving towards the unknown and in the uncertainty which is not easy, we decided to be accompanied by an expert in business development with a background in tourism. These few months of support allowed us to get back to the basics, to sweep away our ideas, to position ourselves on our values, to consolidate our achievements, to bring out the best of ourselves and above all to move forward with infallible support, we needed it badly. The 3 of us are very happy with our experience which was both very enriching, very formative and which allowed us to set up this new project!

New project in place, one that meets the needs of our community and also the one that drives us and resembles us: highlighting stylish accommodation, trendy places and unforgettable experiences!

We are 3 girls and we love accommodation for different reasons: its trendy and stylish decoration, its exceptional architecture or its quality services. We are passionate about beautiful places and we want to inspire our community through our site. Thanks to the internet and especially to social networks, you can share with simple photos and it makes you want to get away from it all, to discover a country, a city, a hotel, a restaurant or even to do an activity. We don’t want to stop there, we want to allow our customers to be able to find and reserve their favorite on a single site. All are classified in categories such as vitamin sea, city break, slow life or even romantic!

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We also worked for several months on a guide – to discover right here – highlighting stylish hotels in France, the goal is to show that France is beautiful and that we can find great accommodation in our country. It is our way of making you wait during this complicated period of travel and also of helping hotels get through this crisis!

The idea is to take a dose of good vibes while surfing our site and discover unsuspected nuggets in France and around the world.

A thousand THANKS for your trust and unconditional support!

Fiona, Anne & Laurine

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