Pablo Guede and his magic formula: “Night rooster, day rooster”

Pablo Guede y su fórmula mágica: “Gallito de noche, gallito de día”

Eibar will not be able to count on Stoichkov due to the death of his father. “The leader is coming home and we have to compete. I think it’s going to be a tough match like the last two. We will not be able to relax for a single minute. We know what we are up against. We will go out and compete as we are doing. Do not lower the intensity and concentration. Play the match. Play it to see how things turn out”

Shield/Flag Malaga

Makeover. “I have not changed them. “It’s the players, I said it the first day, I repeat it, football belongs to the players. What I’ve changed is not much. It doesn’t bother me that we haven’t won at home since November. It is an issue that does not have to invade us. We have to keep adding what is most important. Hopefully we win with La Rosaleda full. It would be excellent. We must have our feet on the ground. We have to keep adding as it is. If it is winning, much better.”

injured. “One day one, another day another… It has happened to us that they have a little cold, they had a fever for a couple of days. Let’s see if she comes or not. Lombán is there, he’s missing a bit but he’s doing well. Cufre is fine. Juande seems that he is not going to arrive. Jairo joined this week and he is doing well. Pau couldn’t because he had a bit of a cold and felt bad. Antoñín who was also with a bit of mosquitoes. We were able to do well today.”

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Luis Munoz. Luis is not here to play, because he has to continue growing, it is a tremendous joy to have him on the bench. The effort he made to get to recovery was spectacular. We gave him the prize of being summoned. He made me very happy. Now it is a matter of time, that he continues to gain rhythm, training day by day, that he is better every day but that there is a long way to go until he plays. It is a joy for what he transmits, what he is. I did not hesitate to take it summoned.

The stopped ball. “There will always be something missing. We are not having fouls on the edge of the area. We are missing that. From set pieces I think we have to do more damage. I think we are going to improve. Let’s have more training. I didn’t have time to give the set piece the importance it deserves. This week we began to give it that importance.”

He was asked about the image that two players (Brandon and Paulino) spread on their social networks as a festive plan. Guede explained that they were on his day off and how he acts in these cases. “That they go out when they do not have to go out, I will not allow it in my life. They drop a tremendous cigar. When they have to go out, why should they bother me. The context of the question has to be well directed. I have no idea, I didn’t see it, I don’t follow the networks. If they were celebrating his birthday. Whenever possible. It’s very clear to me. On a Saturday night, after playing after winning. After losing no, with a free Sunday and a free Monday. They are young, they have money… With things clear. No problem. Say two days off they can do what they want, but train like bastards on Tuesday. Night rooster, day rooster.

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Pablo Guede, with Luis Muñoz and Vadillo.

Seven points in relation to relegation. “In the same vein as the first day, Eibar, we can’t even think about the good or the bad. We can’t afford to descend thrones for even a single second of the coming game. If we think about it. It doesn’t fit other things inside my head. Eibar. Next week Las Palmas. LaLiga will put us where they have to put us”.

Sekou’s role. “Neither more nor less important than all the forwards. And how are you all, welcome. They are killing themselves excellently. When deciding. That is the way. In some games it will be important. It is a credit to them. Welcome be that. just as important as the others. Robert too. He is working like the best in training

Plan against the people of Eibar. “I don’t want to tell. Anything can be a clue. Tomorrow we are going to go out to compete, for sure, and we are going to fight the leader of the category. I don’t want to give any clues about what we have planned for tomorrow’s game”.

What stands out about Eibar? “Everything. If he is the leader, he is the best. It is so. I highlight everything, defensive order, all the ways they have to attack, like the lateral pass, it’s their two midfielders, the forwards who have… set pieces… They are the best team. He is leading. We have to go out and compete in a lot of facets and problems that Eibar is going to put us in. It is very difficult to catch them out of order, he defends in a good way”.

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What would it mean to win the leader? “A tremendous joy. Every time I start a week, to be able to win the game, because that is the objective of the game. Gain. It would be a tremendous joy, for everyone, for us, for the players, the fans…”.

Hobby. “Let them come, that the first game was strange, the emotions, feelings, tension, nervousness, the game, the people… they were very strong feelings. Come support the team like they always do. I think we’re going to have a good game. There is nothing said. I repeat the same thing. We need everyone. Everything is easier if we are all together. We cannot afford to lose. Together we are stronger. 30,000 can enter, let’s get closer. It would be a joy to see a full Rose Garden. We have to achieve it”

Sanse-Amorebieta at 2:00 p.m.. “I am not going to leave what I think, because I think it and I feel it. We are Eibar. We can’t get lost one bit. When you do, you go backwards. We have to go there. That does not worry me”.


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