Pablo Guede: “Until you’re a mathematician you can’t celebrate”

Pablo Guede: “Hasta que no sea matemático uno no puede celebrar”

closer to the target. “I have been saying for several weeks that this is game after game because when you relax, you fall. There are three important points, but nothing is done, there are two more games left and we have to continue”.

The key to success? “It’s all thanks to the players, it’s clear to me. I propose and they are the ones who carry it out and I think they let go, they played a great game in all areas of the game and luckily we took the three points”.

Shield/Flag Malaga

Tenerife Attitude. “3I don’t think it’s appropriate to say that Tenerife came in asleep. It’s a great team, which is already in the playoffs and it cost us a lot of work to be focused for 90 minutes because it has decisive players. So I think that nothing was asleep,” Guede said.

closer to the target. “These three points add up, because we were two and now we are five, but we have to keep going. Until you’re a mathematician, you can’t celebrate or keep your feet off the ground, because this is a very competitive league and you can’t relax”.


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