Pacha warns of the danger of facing an almost saved Elche

Pacha Espino

pacha hawthorn attended the media this Thursday from the press room of the Bahía de Cádiz Sports City. The Uruguayan winger is optimistic, although he warns of the difficulty that facing a team like the Elchewhich is almost guaranteed to remain in LaLiga Santander still four days to go. He also analyzed his change in the game since he arrived Sergio Gonzalez to the Cadista bench. And it is that before the defense raised the band more, but now its function has another focus.

Photo by Luis Espino

Cadiz Shield/Flag

team situation. “I think the team is doing very well, we are competing to the maximum in all the games. We may have deserved a few more points. This is football and there is no merit here, we have to achieve it. We have to do everything possible to win the points we need to save ourselves.

need to make points. “In all the games we play something, be it against the rival that it is. We have to compete as we are doing. We have to continue at that level and try to score points. If we score points, we will save ourselves”.

The visit of Elche. “It’s very misleading because when you come saved you come looser, because you don’t have pressure. It becomes difficult. Obviously that’s what we got, I don’t know if I prefer one way or the other. We have to continue this way, working the same whatever the rival.”

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Before the band went up more, but the change of coach made his role now different. “It is evident that the coaching staff now works differently from Cervera’s previous one. The game is totally different and everyone plays what they like, know or understand. Cervera was incredible at Cádiz. Sergio is doing it very well too and the team is on the right track”. Personally, he does not see much change with respect to one another. “You have to see match situations. There are times when we have freedom to go up and others not. Lately it has been our turn to with difficult rivals and we can’t trust each other much and we spend less on attack. My way of playing is almost always the same and I try to take advantage of it to go up when it’s my turn”.

He does not believe that the Champions will influence Real Madrid in his visit to the Nuevo Mirandilla. “I don’t see a relationship. Madrid will come on the 15th and the final is on the 28th. Besides, a team like that wants to win every game. We have to think that we have a final this Saturday, another on Thursday and then the game against the Madrid”.

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