Paid SEO campaign: what is it?

Campagne de référencement payant : qu’est-ce ?

When natural referencing is not enough, think of paid referencing!

A website is not created to navigate gropingly without a specific destination. Its owner has a specific goal: its success. To achieve this, appropriate techniques must be used with the aim of enhancing thee traffic and the conversion rate of the website. It may then be interesting to set up a paid referencing campaign. The objective is the good return on investment.

The characteristics of paid referencing

Also called Search Engine Advertising (SEA), paid referencing makes it possible to propagate targeted internet advertising. By this paid referencing campaign, you make your site known to the majority of Internet users. As a buyer, this is targeted service that you get.

paid referencing

Referenced keywords

Paid SEO requires taking into account the keywords to be incorporated in an advertising system. Said keywords are bought at auction. By this process, the announcement prominently displayed in predefined areas by the advertiser. It is obvious that this research carried out consists of the keywords purchased. This paid technique is only achievable through landing pages.

SEO hosts

These hosts are potentially search engines or partner websites. It depends on your choice. It is comparable to product advertising in a newspaper, such as television. Paid referencing always connects a host who must be paid by his advertiser.

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Today, keyword advertising is materialized by a simple click on the ad advertised to the host. The latter is the platform of Google Ads. It is the leading online advertising tool, monopolizing these. This is why it is assimilated to paid referencing.

Also, these advertisements may end up on other sites that provide commercial advertisements. These are for example Yahoo sponsored Links and Microsoft Adcenter. We believe that these paid advertising bubbles generate considerable sources of income for the aforementioned search engines.

Payment of a cost

The advertisement during a SEA campaign that seems a priori free is not in reality. It’s just that you don’t have to pay the host by simply showing the ad in their search engine.. Free is the principle. Paying a sum at this stage is quite exceptional. It could be assimilated to bad faith on the part of the host. You only pay when an Internet user spots your target page by clicking on the link of your ad.

How paid referencing works

It works on the model Cost Per Click. This model implies that it is the advertiser who determines the value of a click. However, we would like to point out that the auction price depends on the position that Google gives to your ad.

Each time the search is carried out by the Internet user, the platform acts. It checks the adequacy of the search terms and the advertisements sent. The proper functioning of a SEA campaign is based on:

  • A high conversion rate;
  • quality content;
  • a frequency of Internet users’ visits over time;
  • an advertisement with increasing click-through rate from the URL;
  • a quality landing page with relevant ad.
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Your SEA host may suggest that you start an advertising campaign. It is not enough for you to pay a substantial sum for the keyword and be sure of a favorable positioning. To outperform your competition, the auction must be in sync with your quality score.

The paid referencing campaign cannot exist without the following elements:

  • A specific keyword;
  • a maximum bid, symbol of the cost paid to the keyword;
  • a link between the advertisement and the recipient site;
  • a professional web host;

A campaign is well managed when it grants you the expected benefits of such a strategy.

The advantages of paid referencing

Using a SEA SEO allows you to be successful in record time. It immediately provides excellent results. Thus you will give a large dimension (XXL) to your website. The increase in traffic that would take place there would be unequivocal. Furthermore, this traffic is all the more relevant when the campaign is preceded by effective upstream work.

This process reinforces your postulate of flexibility throughout the campaign. You may or may not reduce your advertising budget depending on the sales season. In addition, it crystallizes for you the detailed and updated statistics of your ads. This allows you to distinguish your best ads from the worst.

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Also, there is an effective arsenal of traffic optimization that ensures both promotion and profitability for your website. Synthetically, its advantages can be summed up in:

  • A notoriety of the site on the market;
  • growth in traffic;
  • a multiplicity of conversions;
  • simple financial management;
  • fairly visible results;
  • constant costs.

Compared to SEO, paid SEO theoretically requires little technical knowledge. It will make you gain visibility. So it is a necessity for a newly created internet site.

The limits of paid referencing

In the middle of a paid search campaign, we will not advise you to miss your payment. This will immediately show up on your ranking. Remember it is like an advertisement. Notwithstanding our statements, the SEA only grants you short term visibility.

The strong competitive pressure of research plunges into oblivion websites containing general keywords. Internet users also use long sentences which do not make it easy for search engines. This is why you must be precise in the title of your keywords. In turn, a commercial keyword advertisement will include: “buy ties” or “order a wedding dress”.

Now that you know the basics of the paid search campaign, you can use it to ensure the visibility of your website. We highly recommend it. To your search engines… Ready to reference? Pay!

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