Pandemic or not the Apple factories have been running at full speed

usine Foxconn de Zhenghzou

At the beginning of 2020, the world was shaken up in its daily life by an unknown virus from Asia. Today, not a day goes by without Covid showing up in our lives, or being a topic of discussion. But while South and East Asia was for a long time the part of the world hardest hit by the virus, Apple has managed to keep its factories running as if almost nothing had happened.

‘iPhone City’ didn’t stop spinning

Indeed, according to a report from Hong Kong, the world’s largest factory capable of producing iPhones continued to operate throughout 2020. This Foxconn-owned factory is based in China, the country originally of the pandemic. In Zhengzhou, in the center of the country, Wuhan and the center of the epidemic were only 500 kilometers away.

In the report, two employees of this famous factory, who decided to testify on condition of anonymity, admitted that the arrival of the epidemic had not changed anything in the factory of Zhengzhou, of the very controversial company Foxconn . With production carried out by more than 300,000 men working daily, the Zhengzhou factory alone is responsible for producing nearly half of the planet’s iPhones.

Foxconn takes action, but runs its factories

In its defense Foxconn explains that the company offers tests to its employees. If the latter refuse to submit to it, they do not have the right to access the work area, and therefore become employees on unpaid leave. The company also says that a new wave of testing was just carried out this week, as Zhengzhou County is hit with the delta and Omicron variants.

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A situation which is far from being isolated within the Foxconn factories. Indeed, the Indian production site of Sriperumbudur will reopen its doors after several controversies, as much on the health issue linked to Covid-19 and the pandemic as in relation to the living conditions of the employees who are considered “unworthy” by the latter. .

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