Health Paty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify...

Paty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify DNA


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The actress Patricia Christmas He again caused controversy on social networks by stating that the health emergency caused by Covid-19 is not a pandemic but a “new world order pandemic.”

Through a video posted on Instagram, Paty Navidad explained that the pandemic is about the new era of artificial intelligence and transhumanism.

It is PLANDEMIA of the technocratic, dictatorial, and tyrannical New World Order of Marxist communistoid ideologies, agenda 21 and 2030 of the UN and WHO, population reduction, reduction of rights, freedoms, and individual guarantees, slavery and total control of the mind, health, and life. WE WAKE UP to the light of consciousness and reconnect with our human and spiritual essence from the original source, darkness is only overcome with light and hatred with LOVE. Let’s love and love each other. Let’s forgive and forgive. The presence of God heals any illness and disease from the soul, let us vibrate in high frequencies of infinite love. ❤️🙏🏻

According to the actress, this includes vaccines, nanotechnology, quantum dot tattoos, and implanted microchips that are activated and controlled through the 5G network.

“They can totally control our mind, manipulate it and modify emotions, feelings, thoughts,” he said.

In addition, the singer also said that those behind the “pandemic” are the richest people in the world, who rely on a dictatorial political regime, such as that of the Chinese Communist Party, to control us.

In other publications, he reaffirmed that Covid-19 is a hoax and said that proof of this is the vaccines in development because “a vaccine cannot be found in months.”

“What these vaccines really bring is nanotechnology to modify our DNA, to become hybrid human beings where we are already going to have technology in our body, by which we are going to be monitored, controlled”, explained.

He also accused that characters like Bill Gates and companies like Tesla could “kill at a distance” causing cardiorespiratory arrest and “countless diseases and illnesses.”

It should be noted that Paty Navidad assured that she did not get vaccinated, because she does not want to take risks in the face of the secondary effects of it; however, she mentioned that she is not telling people not to get vaccinated.

Criticism and reactions to the statements

In social networks, hundreds of people have strongly criticized the statements of Paty Navidad, including the Cuban Niurka Marcos ruled on the matter.

“Just open your mouth when you have a test to prove it, the rest is blah blah blah, conversations you’ve heard, comments you’ve read on the internet. There is no certainty of anything … They do not have to put a chip anywhere, if you are so enthralled with the cell phone, that even the cell phone has not located you, “she said forcefully.

In addition, some users took the opportunity to generate memes about it:

/ 100

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- Advertisement -Paty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify DNAPaty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify DNA

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- Advertisement -Paty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify DNAPaty Navidad on COVID-19: Vaccines have nanotechnology to modify DNA

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