Pau: “We still have a lot to say”

Pau: "Todavía tenemos mucho que decir"

Sensations: “Any mistake penalizes you. We knew where we came from. They have surpassed us a bit. It was part of the plans that could be put forward, but we have not been able to endure as we wanted. The plan was similar to that of Munich. We fully trusted, but we are leaving with two goals behind, 90 very long minutes. A goal at home in ten minutes puts you in again. There is still a lot to go”.

Analysis: “In the first we have known how to defend them well. We have started with direct play so that they did not feel comfortable. We have had some arrivals… it was our game plan. I think we have started well, but in front of us we have a great rival who can beat you “.

Shield/Flag Villarreal

Consecutive goals: “That center touches Pervis, it goes over Gero…these are actions that can take place. They have put the second one very quickly and it has not given us time to settle down again. That goal has hurt us”.

Outcome: “Yes, in the end we didn’t want to fit in. We wanted to go home with a good result. We think we’re alive. At La Cerámica we’re strong, we showed it against Bayern. what we are capable of.

Idea: “Keep trusting in ourselves. We’ll prepare the second leg properly and we’ll have our fans. At home we’re going to be ourselves. We still have a lot to say”.

Lo Celso: “This team has been showing great Champions nights”

Liverpool: “We knew that we were going to find ourselves in a match like this, with its people pushing. We know that it is not easy to come and win on this ground. We would have liked to control the match more, to have our options”.

Anfield: “They press a lot, they go at the pace of the people. They play stick by stick. The initial plan was that and then try to find connections. There are 90 minutes left with our people and it will surely be a different game than today”.

The Cerámica: “This team has been showing great nights in the Champions League. At home the team feels comfortable, with our people pushing. The series is open and there are 90 very nice minutes left at home.”

Rival: “As I told you, from the best teams in Europe. We knew that they were going to put a lot of intensity, more with what the people are here, what Anfield represents for them. To turn the page and believe that it can be done”.

Roig Negueroles

Analysis: “Each game is different. They’re a great team and they’ve been better than us. Until their goal we had a pretty good control of the game. They’ve had their chances and nothing to say. Congratulations and we hope that the second leg will be a different game”.

Outcome: “No, but in the end it’s not a bad result because we haven’t had practically any chances. Let’s hope we have more in the first leg.”

Gerald: “Let’s hope it arrives.”

Return to La Cerámica: “There are practically no more tickets. It will be completely full and the people will be very excited. A 2-0 against Liverpool is difficult, but we play at home and let’s see if we calm them down”.

Albiol: “I haven’t gone down to the locker room, but apparently it doesn’t look like anything.”

Champions League semi-finals: “You have to value it, but we are ambitious. Enjoy nothing when you lose.”

hobbyn: “3000 people have come, they have not let down despite the result and they have not stopped cheering all day.”

Rulli: “On Tuesday we will see who is the best”

Liverpool: “It is true that they were superior, but if there is something that this team has, it is that they believe in what we do and that the second leg will be different. On Tuesday we will see who is the best”

Hope: “All the confidence in the world, otherwise we would give them a pass to the final right now. We believe in our work and in ourselves. Our people also believe. Tuesday will be a totally different game. I am sure that this team will stand up” .

First goal: “A pity. It’s an unfortunate play, perhaps the least dangerous of them. I think Mané cuts to the near post, I’m at that center, he touches Pervis and a deflection at that speed is very difficult to pull off. Until then defensively We were playing a perfect game. They got the second one early and it was important not to concede any more.”

More suffering: “We are talking about Liverpool, in their stadium, with 50,000 people in their favor. Perhaps the best team in the world today. If we thought we were not going to suffer, we were wrong. What has been shown is that this team believes. We are going to prepare the semi-final with everything and on Tuesday another Villarreal will be seen”.

Lap: “Villarreal on Tuesday will be very different from the one we played in. It’s a Champions League semi-final. We’re down 2-0, but with our people. On Tuesday La Cerámica is going to vibrate”.

Tuesday: “That he believes in our work and this team. We are going to give our lives for this shield. It is a new opportunity to reach a European final. A date with history. We have already shown that this team gives war”.

A goal: “Without a doubt, that’s why I have no doubt that Tuesday will be a different game. The 2-0 today looks difficult, but it was important not to continue conceding despite their dominance. On Tuesday we hope to get a player back.”


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