Paul Stanley is hospitalized in an emergency

Paul Stanley is hospitalized in an emergency

Paul Stanley, who recently starred in a great controversy with “El Capi” Pérez, caused great concern among his fans after sharing a photo on his social networks revealing that he had to be hospitalized in an emergency. Later, the presenter revealed that he was diagnosed with salmonellosis.

The driver, who stated that he is not sure where he caught the bacteria that is normally acquired in food, had to remain hospitalized for medical reasons, since they noticed that his platelets were low.

“I went to Orlando for a week and returned on Saturday night, but already in Orlando I kind of felt chills, there were a lot of people and a lot of sun, like I started to feel bad there and arriving here (in Mexico), on Sunday I still felt bad”Stanley said.

Despite the discomfort, on Monday he went to the set of the Hoy program, but on Tuesday he could no longer bear the discomfort and spoke with the producer, Andrea Rodríguez, to ask for permission to be absent and go to the doctor.

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