Pegasus iOS spyware screenshots in the wild


This is historic: screenshots of the Pegasus spyware have been published in the Israeli press, even as this malicious program continues to regularly infect high-ranking personalities. The principle is simple: to interfere in your iPhone or your Android mobile discreetly and access all of your personal data to find out everything you’re hiding – or not.

The main targets of this service published by the NSO Group are investigative journalists, whistleblowers, suspects in connection with terrorism or even members of government. Several leading countries have used this technology, including Morocco and Saudi Arabia. In France, it is also rumored that the DGSI is working on its own in-house alternative.


© NSO Group

An unmistakable logo

In the images that you can see above, we recognize at the top right of the interface a logo taking the appearance of a helped horse, reminiscent of the Pegasus brand. At the top left, the developer’s name appears, with just below a menu made up of numerous icons whose use is also clear. The app SMSfor example, allows you to read conversations sent with Messages by infected iPhones, without the sender or recipient noticing.

Even worse: Pegasus can also throw the camera and the microphone, so you can see and hear everything that’s going on around you. Hence the usefulness, for some, of betting on an iPad or a MacBook integrating an audio sensor that is physically disconnected.


© NSO Group

Meta platforms query

In another screenshot, we can see precisely which apps were hacked by Pegasus on a test iPhone. This is about WhatsApp and of Facebook, two flagship services of Meta alongside Instagram and Messenger. However, it turns out that Mark Zuckerberg’s firm ensures that its offer is secure in order to guarantee maximum confidentiality to its users… It’s a failure, especially when we know that WhatsApp has precisely been singled out in the context of a case at the origin of the very expensive divorce of Jeff Bezos, CEO of the multinational Amazon.

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