Pepe Aguilar confesses that he likes the successful song by Nathanael Cano: “Very good. It’s another wave”

Pepe Aguilar confesses that he likes the successful song by Nathanael Cano: “Very good. It's another wave"

Pepe Aguilar / Nathanael Cano.

Pepe Aguilar / Nathanael Cano.

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Even though in 2020 Pepe Aguilar engaged in a heated war of declarations with Nathanael Cano for assuring that his music was “mediocre and crappy”, he seems to have changed his mind about the young performer who catapulted the lying corridos, since recently not only did he confess that he continues to listen to his music, but there is even one in particular that he thinks is very good.

The dad of Angela Aguilar He is completely convinced that it was time to revolutionize the Mexican regional, so in an interview with Pepe Garza for his YouTube channel, he assured that he is open to listening to new proposals and has a lot to learn from the new generations.

That is why he has even given the opportunity to new musical proposals that have pleasantly surprised him and as a recent example is the song “De a de veras”, a collaboration with Nathanael Cano with Coveted Group which, he confesses, he quite liked.

“I just heard a song from Codizado with Natanael Cano, very good. It’s another wave.”

Pepe Aguilar

Although he accepts that when he began to listen to the mergers within the Mexican regional it seemed to him that they were a long way from reaching a good level and it was difficult for him to understand the proposal, now everything is very different.

“I always said when I started listening to urban, because I hadn’t heard it before, with the guitars and this type of progressions at the beginning in the introductions, the same and I did not agree with the lyrics, it seemed to me that they were starting to get the hang of itsuch as learning to rhyme correctly, learning to transfer energy to the word well and in this role I think it is achieved“, explained the Mexican singer-songwriter.

And he agrees that it is a genre that is changing thanks to the new generations, but that in the end it goes according to fashion.

A completely different music is achieved and that is a cool evolution. It’s not a rancher, it’s not a mariachi, it’s not a band, It’s an urban vibe, different“, he added.

In addition to Natanael Cano, Pepe Aguilar has been pleasantly surprised by other regional Mexican performers such as La Ventaja and Carín León, with whom he agrees that they can reach unsuspected places.

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