Personality according to your sleeping posture, meaning

Personalidad según tu postura para dormir

The way you sleep and how you settle into bed for 8 hours reveals a lot about your personality, this says your sleeping posture!

And it is that, according to psychologists and students of human nature, your personality It has to do with everything you do, the way you walk, the tone of voice you use, the accessories you choose to adorn your body, it is an expression of how you are inside.

Sleep, in particular, is extremely revealing, because when you sleep you are not thinking about the image you project; the position you assume in bed is organic and natural, your true personality.

Then you are simply yourself. Are you confident, brave, naive, sensitive…? That is what you are going to learn, in addition to discovering the areas in which sleep can improve your life.

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Personality according to your sleeping posture


You lie on your side, with your arms close to your chest (perhaps hugging a pillow) and your legs bent, forming a “C” with your body.

The fetal position is a protective posture, as it protects the chest and belly, which are the most vulnerable areas of the body. For this reason, it is particularly stressful on the brain.

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The phrase “I slept like a baby » It was made for you, because you usually wake up revitalized and in a good mood. And it is that you have not only rested your body, but you have also repaired and stimulated your mind.

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In the day to day you project strength and security in yourself, but in reality you are a very sensitive person. This sometimes fills you with stress, because on many occasions you take on the problems of others and allow yourself to be overwhelmed by them.

Identify your “stressors”, a recurring conflict at work, an attitude that no longer serves you, a person who takes away from you, instead of contributing, and determines what you can let go of or in which areas you should work to live as relaxed as you sleep .


You lie on your back, with your arms extended towards the head of the bed and your legs loose and stretched out, like a starfish.

This is the position of the person with a personality Sociable and overconfident, she sees the good in everything around her and welcomes whatever comes with optimism and good humor.

According to experts, you are altruistic and generous, and you are always willing to do your bit in any project that can improve your environment.

In the day to day you are cheerful and refreshing like a stream of cold water. You infect others with your positivism!

But some see your optimism as a sign of naivety and might want to take advantage of your generosity.

It is not about you becoming suspicious, but it is about learning to differentiate between people who appreciate you for who you are and those who try to take advantage of your goodness.

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You lie on your back, with your arms extended next to your body and your legs stretched out. This is the typical military position and, as a good soldier, you are always ready to serve, if not your country, then at least your loved ones.

You are disciplined, with a capacity for self-control that amazes those who see you get up at dawn to do your exercises or continue standing until the project is finished at work.

It would never occur to you to make a promise in vain, because what you say, you keep it! At the same time you are an entrepreneur and what you set out to do, sooner or later you achieve.

In the day to day you are reliable and disciplined; some consider you rigid and, yes, sometimes you fall into inflexibility.

This is because you are a perfectionist, a characteristic that, no matter what position you assume in bed, sometimes keeps you awake.

Your task: learn to seek excellence, not perfection. This is a call for flexibility. Sometimes it is enough to do things “well enough” and enjoy life more.

Tell me how you sleep and I'll tell you how you are
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You lie on your side, with your legs extended and your arms bent, near your head or under the pillow. This position is known as “tree trunk”. And like a tree, you are very well rooted in the earth.

Sleeping like this is proper to the person with personality logical and focused, with a great ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

If this is your favorite position, you usually go to bed with a problem spinning around in your head… and wake up the next morning with the solution.

On a day-to-day basis, you project great self-confidence, which intimidates some people who, because you speak with conviction, judge you rigid or inflexible. But the interesting thing is that while you are focused, you are flexible and able to adapt to circumstances as they change.

A tip to live more relaxed: try to find a practical activity, from yoga to swimming, that allows you to relax.

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You lie on your stomach, with your arms extended on each side of your body in the shape of a cross and your head turned to one side.

This position closely resembles the fall of a paratrooper, and reveals the sensitive and introspective person. You like to investigate, analyze and shred your thoughts, but above all, you are a reckless explorer of your feelings.

On a day-to-day basis, you are honest with yourself and recognize not only your virtues, but also your mistakes. But above all, you are a kind of antenna open to the world, which sometimes makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. For this reason, like the person who sleeps in a fetal position, you sleep on your stomach to protect your most vulnerable parts.

To live more relaxed, learn to be more selective about everything you let into your life, from people to worries. Cultivate what brings peace to your spirit and let the rest go.

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Sleeping posture
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To sleep better

According to experts from Stanford University, in the United States, sleeping well is not only good for your mood, because after seven or eight hours of uninterrupted sleep you wake up fresher and more relaxed, but also for your health.

In fact, good sleep has been reported to help ward off cancer, among other diseases.

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