Peugeot 103, a myth in the history of mopeds | Motorcycles

Peugeot 103, a myth in the history of mopeds | Motorcycles

The rise of 50cc mopeds It is not the same as in the past, having given way to motorcycles and, above all, to 125cc scooters, which are presented as the favorite option for those who start in the world of two wheels. However, there were times when they were one of the most important mobility options and the Peugeot 103 it was an iconic model.

Developed in 1971, Peugeot already had enough experience in the world of two wheels, but, after models of different success, with the 103 the French brand had a complete success.

Based on his older brother, the 104, he took a large part of his mechanical section from him, mounting a 50cc two-stroke engine that he developed 1.9 hp power and was pedal-assisted, a common solution at the time, but which has already fallen into disuse.

It was a simple, robust and reliable model that was inexpensive to maintain and was also affordable. This combination of elements made it an immediate best-seller: in 1974 it had already sold 550,000 units; 2,000 copies were produced a day and by the end of its commercial life it reached three million, Being the best-selling moped in history.

It evolved over the years, incorporating a new protective aluminum casing, optics to improve visibility or an increase in power up to 2.9 HP. In addition, with the arrival of the eighties versions were developed without the support of the pedals.

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Peugeot 103

An adventure on two wheels

In 1978, seven years after its debut, two documentary directors, Gilles Mariani and Robert Sroka, took the Peugeot 103 to his greatest adventure: a 50,000 kilometer journey across the United States and Canada.

The French reached the west coast in June, where the importer Peugeot Motorcycles for New Jersey he delivered two moped units. His goal was to travel the continent and meet people, something that ended up becoming a 14 month trip that took them from New York to Quebec, Montreal or Halifax (in Canada), Los Angeles, Salt Lake City, New Orleans or Miami, among many other places. It was the paradigmatic example of why at that time Peugeot 103 it was considered indestructible.

Peugeot 103
The Peugeot 103 born in 1971.

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