Peugeot e-Ludix, a battery-powered scooter for the new generations | Motorcycles

Peugeot e-Ludix, a battery-powered scooter for the new generations | Motorcycles

A new alternative for Urban mobility Generation Z, young people born in the 21st century. He Peugeot e-Ludix It is a battery-powered scooter that can be driven from the age of 15, with a moped license, and provides greater freedom of movement and safety of movement than electric scooters.

AND it sells for 3,500 euros, a reasonable fee and lower than many bicycles with electric assistance.

Like any battery-powered vehicle, the Peugeot e-Ludix is ​​emission-free and has an eye-catching design and a good variety of colors to choose from. In addition, it has two seats and includes modern details such as the digital picture and a drums that can be loaded on the motorcycle and also at home, because it is removable.

The sum of its ecology, ease of driving, reasonable price and limited benefits (45 km / h top speed), they postulate the Peugeot scooter as an ideal product for the urban mobility of the youngest, although it can also be a good support vehicle in second homes. And its maintenance, which hardly includes revisions, provides another extra to consider, because it also reduces expenses.

Bosch Mechanics

The Peugeot e-Ludix is ​​made in Europe and all its mechanics come from Bosch, from the engine to the battery and the electronic control system. It produces 4 hp (2.5 kW) and offers limited performance, although it sprints out of traffic lights and rarely has trouble circulate with the rhythm of other traffic.

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Peugeot e-Ludix, a battery-powered scooter for the new generations | Motorcycles

Like any moped, It cannot roll on roads or urban highways. At the controls it stands out for its smooth operation, with hardly any sound or vibrations, and also for the agility and lightness it transmits, because the Peugeot e-Ludix weighs less than 90 kilos. And its small size helps cope with great ease in the heaviest traffic.

The seat is spacious and comfortable, and includes folding footrests and passenger handles, apart from a hook to hang bags inside the fairing and the rear trunk option in case more space is needed.

Recharge in three hours to 80%

The Peugeot e-Ludix offers a range of up to 50 kilometers, although it can vary a lot depending on whether you are driving alone or with a passenger and the selected driving mode. There are four available: Boost, that allows you to quickly exit the traffic lights; Go, which reduces the nerve a bit to extend the duration; Cruise, looking for the best compromise between performance and range of action, and Crawl, focused on achieving the widest range of use. Battery, removable, weighs 11 kilos and can be recharged in any conventional socket (230 volts) in five hours, although in three it already recovers 80% of energy.

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