PHOTOS: Vocalist of the merengue musical group Zona Rika, Jaime Cruz, was shot to death

FOTOS: Vocalista del grupo musical de merengue Zona Rika, Jaime Cruz, fue asesinado a balazos

PHOTOS: Vocalist of the merengue musical group Zona Rika, Jaime Cruz, was shot to death

Photo: Capture HalconOnce / Courtesy

The vocalist of group musical meringue Rika area, Jaime Cruz Pastrana, known as Jimy, was allegedly shot to death by hitmen in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos in the State of Mexico in Mexico.

According to reports, the singer was killed outside his home located on the street Lily, section flowers, from the colony Morelos Gardens, where he was attacked with firearms, by at least two subjects who were traveling on a scooter.

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At the crime scene, authorities found more than 8 shells struck against the singer of the grouping Rika area.

Rika area is a merengue orchestra formed in 2001 by Gustavo cross And his brother James cross (who was murdered), and that it is recognized as one of the few groups in Mexico that has been a phenomenon in this genre.

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His musical successes are: Spanish girl, Karamelo, I’m going to, I swear I love you, Fresh fruit, Pillow, Chakicha, among others.

They are originally from Colombia, but they emigrated 20 years ago and in their search for fame they were part of more than 15 groups.

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