Piaggio patents a radar against ‘invisible’ motorcycles

Piaggio patents a radar against 'invisible' motorcycles

The technological innovations in the automotive world they are making it possible to tighten the fence around the human factor: the mistake a driver makes that causes an accident. However, it happens that car driving assistance systems are not always completely reliable.

For a few years, it has been detected car radar problems to accurately identify motorcycles and scooters. Despite the efforts of the developers of this technology, two-wheelers are too small so that the radars can tell them apart, and Piaggio has found a solution.

Piaggio motorcycle radar

What the Italian firm proposes is something as simple as it is effective: radar reflectors. It is not even a novelty, since the idea has been used for many years in maritime trafficwhere the small boats are located from the big ships.

This system rescued by Piaggio for your motorcycles it is passive, because it works by amplifying the signal, as is the case with small boats. It is about the device seeing and being seen.

Current radars operate by sending a signal and with a cone-shaped field of vision, which generates dark detection zones. With the patent of Piaggio It is highlighted that they will have viewing angles, both vertical and horizontal, 170 degrees. Devices will be placed in the headlight and in the taillight, so they will offer almost 360 degrees of coverage. In addition, they will provide a greater tracking distance than current radars, with a range of 300 meters and countless objects and vehicles detected every second.

The Pontedera factory also ensures that its radar will provide information on velocity, acceleration or trajectory of the different vehicles on the road, and all without the obligation to be interconnected through 5G. This will help reduce costs as this system is mounted on motorcycles and scooters of the wide range of piaggio group without the prices being increased.

Piaggio patents a radar against 'invisible' motorcycles
Piaggio passive radar system patent

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