Piaggio works on an integrated airbag for motorcycles | Motorcycles

Piaggio works on an integrated airbag for motorcycles | Motorcycles

Safety in the world of two wheels continues to advance: Piaggio and Autoliv have teamed up to develop a system of airbag for motorcycles that will help save the lives of motorcyclists.

At the moment no technical details have been given about the device, beyond the fact that the airbag will be chassis mounted of the motorcycle and will display in milliseconds “Providing greater protection to two-wheelers and making the driving experience even more enjoyable.”

Autoliv claims to have developed the initial concepts with advanced simulation tools and carried out full-scale crash tests, but from now on it will count on the support of the Piaggio Group to continue development and assess its commercialization potential.

Airbags are a known solution for cars and cab vehicles in general, but not as common for motorcycles, which is due to the fact that the pilot and co-pilot are not within a closed structure.

Airbag for motorcyclists

Without restraint devices of any kind, in the face of collisions, users of two-wheelers often get fired, so there is an added difficulty to apply this system on a motorcycle.

In fact, motorcycle airbags are not something new, but, taking into account the aforementioned condition, they have been applied in another direction: integrated in the equipment of who drives and his companion.

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More and more brands are offering this system inside their jackets or helmets, whose operation is simple: once they detect the impact, deploy the airbags from the inside of the garment, protecting areas such as the neck, chest and back.

Depending on the system in question, after an accident it is possible to reuse them (as long as the garment has not been damaged) by recharging the gas bottle that they have incorporated.

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