Pizza Pronunciation: How is the word “Pizza” Pronounced correctly?

Pizza Pronunciation

Pícsa, Pícsa, or Piza? are some of the Pizza Pronunciation and the RAE explains how to pronounce “pizza” correctly

Some call it “piza”, others “pica”, “pixa” and there are those who even call it “piza”. As we know, the Pizza. It is a dish of Italian origin, and as such, it should be pronounced, but since there has never been a lack of debate, the Royal Spanish Academy came to put order and educate us in the correct way to write and pronounce the word Pizza.

The RAE explained in its Twitter account the query of the week, why should you write “Pizza” on italic? and there he reminded us that the word pizza is a crude or unadapted Italianism that should be written in italics due to what the sequence “zz” is foreign to Spanish spelling, that is, it is a foreigner.

Then, after the publication of the RAE, the controversy over how the word is pronounced. The Royal Spanish Academy answered the doubts of those who still doubted whether the word Pizza It should be pronounced in Italian or Spanish, and the response was forceful, must be pronounced as in your native language, so that the correct way to pronounce it is “ptsa”.

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Now the doubts about how we should pronounce the word correctly Pizza have been resolved and with due justification.

To know more

Pizza as we know it today emerged in the late 18th century in Naples. It met the need for cheap, easy-to-eat food for the poor who were rushing for work. This preparation was sold by street vendors who cut them into pieces to fit the budget and customer hunger.

They didn’t always have tomato

The simplest pieces of Pizza in 18th century Naples had nothing but garlic, butter and salt; others included caciocavallo (a type of cheese) and basil; and in some, the tomato was added, which was not very popular and cheap.

The tomato is of Mexican origin, it was of recent entry to Europe brought by the Spanish, rejected because they did not know how to use it and combine it with their gastronomic culture. The Italians dared to integrate it into their meals, obtaining a magnificent result.

Why is it so delicious and irresistible

Have you ever thought that if you eat 7 slices of Pizza per month, are you likely to eat more than 5,000 slices in your entire life?

The Pizza It’s so tasty that it gets your taste buds excited and your brain wants more because it combines the right ingredients with the flavors humans are drawn to.

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For example, glutamate stimulates our umami, so that we get hooked and want more. The tomato sauce and cheese, the two foods that serve as the base of the pizza, are abundant in natural an era glutamate, together they are perfect, they taste even better! But that is only part of its charm.

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