Platoon ordered to approach Apple for a takeover

Vélo Peloton maison

What would the acquisition of a major player in connected sports worth several billion dollars represent for Apple? This is the question that a new report published by Blackwells Capitala leading shareholder in Peloton Interactive, the American leader in connected exercise bikes.

The fund’s analysts have chosen to publish this study in order to corroborate their concerns about the management of the company, led since last February by a new CEO, John Foley. Previously passed by Spotify and Netflix, the number one would not have succeeded in reversing the trend which has been lowering the valuation of the manufacturer on the NASDAQ every day for almost a half now.

How to get away with honors

History of restarting the machine, Blackwells offers several solutions including an acquisition by other firms already engaged in the HealthTech market. Among them, Apple, of course. Indeed, for VCs, this group is the perfect choice, in particular because its watch Watch is the most popular wearable on the planet with around one hundred million users. Integration with Peloton apps would therefore be beneficial for every publisher.

Among the advantages of this takeover, the experts also mention the case of Fitness+. The service at 9.99 euros per month from Apple would then offer athletes the possibility of taking courses supported by real celebrities. With this, the activity statistics stored by Peloton would also feed the strategy ofupselling of Cupertino, which could with a certain originality promote TV+ or Music packages according to the habits of each one.

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Watch out for competition!

And what about the considerable advance that Apple could take by offering Peloton under the nose and beard of the other GAFAM? For Blackwells there is no doubt that seeing Amazon winning the auction could drastically jeopardize the Californian’s hegemony over the wellness sector. Indeed, Jeff Bezos’ company already has enough to overshadow its counterpart with Prime Video or the Halo bracelet as strings to its bow.

Google, with its Fit platform, YouTube or the Fitbit range is also expected to be a buyer. But for now, only speculation prevails: what will decision makers choose?

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