Polygon announces the launch of Plonky2, the fastest existing ZK scaling solution

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Polygon announces the launch of Plonky2, the fastest existing ZK scaling solution For Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

According to the team of Polygon, with its technology ZK, Plonky2 allows the processing of groups of transactions in 0.17 seconds, and is fully applicable over the network of Ethereum.


Polygon, the project that operates a second layer solution to improve the scalability of Ethereum, today announced the launch of Plonky2, a scaling technology ZK (zero knowledge) which qualify as one of the fastest of its kind to process transactions.

Polygon spear Plonky2

As such, when trading with ZK, Plonky2 it would allow the processing of operations quickly in the second layer, returning the proof corresponding to the main layer of Ethereum without the need to send all the associated data. This means that instead of each miner having to verify every published transaction, simplified tests of groups of operations are simply verified, which greatly increases the speed of the process.

The announcement was made by the team of Polygon, information that was later shared by the co-founder of the project, Mihailo Bjelic, in a set of messages shared through his official account of Twitter, where it reads:

We are very proud to announce Plonky2, the world’s fastest ZK scaling technology.

Plonky2 is a recursive SNARK that is 100 times faster than currently existing alternatives. Also, it is compatible with Ethereum (you can test Ethereum transactions and tests can be verified on Ethereum).

Going from being simply a theoretical model to materializing in 2019, ZK-based solutions have been improving their operability over the last few years.

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According to the team of Polygon, In 2020 these tests could be run in 60-second intervals, but with Plonky2 now generated in just 0.17 seconds, which makes it a solution 100 times faster than the existing ones.

In addition to Polygon, There are several networks that try to implement this type of procedure to improve its scalability and operation. However, within the framework of the struggle between second layer solutions that address the problems present in the network of Ethereum, This announcement could drive further adoption of the protocol among interested developers and projects.

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