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Polygon boosts Ethereum scalability with Miden, an innovative STARK-based zk-rollup - DiarioBitcoin By Hannah perez

Polygon introduced its Polygon Miden scaling solution, a zk-rollup whose core component represents the first STARK-based open source VM.


Polygon (MATIC), a second layer scaling solution aggregator for Ethereum, is accelerating its scalability efforts with the launch of Measure, a new zk-rollup solution based on zero-knowledge testing.

The team of Polygon, previously called Matic Network, reported on the launch of the scaling solution compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) through a statement shared on Twitter.

We are proud to reveal the newest member of the Polygon family: Polygon Miden, an upcoming EVM-compatible STARK-based Rollup.

The term “scalability”Refers to the ability to increase the number of transactions on a blockchain as Ethereum, which also results in a reduction in operating costs. The rollups, or ‘rollup packages’ are one of the most popular scaling solutions available today. In short, what they do is group transactions into one.

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The solution Polygon Measure it’s a rollup from zero-knowledge grouping transactions using a zero knowledge proof. Specifically, it leverages zero-knowledge STARK, also known as ZK-STARK, a type of cryptographic proof technology that can verify data or calculations without disclosing it to a third party.

Polygon Miden: an EVM compatible zk-rollup

According to the team of developers, the new solution represents one of the most advanced innovations in the field of rollups. As such, the release of They measure VM (virtual machine), the main component of Polygon Measure, represents the first STARK-based open source VM.

Between the two types of rollups existing, Optimistic and ZK, the latter are the ones that are painted as the most promising solutions for some experts; although they are also the ones that present the most drawbacks because they require specialized hardware to create computationally expensive tests.

According to the team of Polygon, their main drawback is that they find it difficult to support logic and arbitrary transactions, including those of EVM. However, they assure that Polygon Measure solve this challenge using They measure VM. The platform developers detailed the advantages of the new scaling solution in the statement:

Miden VM supports arbitrary logic and transactions and has an important additional feature: for any program run on the VM, a STARK-based test run is automatically generated. This test can be used by anyone to verify that a program ran correctly, without the need to rerun the program or even know what the program was.

They also added that They measure VM also allows you to create a zk-rollup “Which can execute any transaction and program, including those currently living on Ethereum.”

Committed to driving Ethereum scalability

The first version of Measure released today is the first step on the path to a fully EVM compliant cumulative scalability solution. You will have the ability to compile smart contracts based on Solidity directly in Measure Assembly, your native programming language.

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The team of Polygon indicated that it intends to develop They measure VMwith unique features like multi-language support and built-in privacy”. It should be noted that They measure VM is an evolution of Distaff VM, which is the first hands-on STARK-based VM that has been in development since early 2020.

The latest solution presented by the team raises high expectations for higher performance for Ethereum by increasing speeds and reducing costs without compromising security, a necessary step on the road to mass adoption of such a network.

Polygon, which operates the side chain larger on Ethereum, is committed to supporting the evolution and development of scaling projects. The team allocated $ 1 billion to projects based on zk-rollups, a fund that has allowed the development of Measure, as well as the prior acquisition of the solution of Hermez Network. Polygon is also developing various solutions for optimistic rollups.

As a result, Miden will now be integrated into the broader ecosystem, alongside existing solutions: Polygon PoS, Polygon SDK, Polygon Avail, Polygon Nightfall and Polygon Hermez.

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