Poor hygiene causes most breakups

La mala higiene causa la mayoría de las rupturas amorosas

Neither emotional distance nor unwillingness to work They wreak as much havoc on a relationship as bad grooming habits.

The Singles in America 2019 Annual Survey revealed that poor hygiene causes most breakups in this country.

Of the 5,000 American singles of all ages, income, ethnicities, and walks of life who participated in the survey, 68 percent of men and women pointed to poor hygiene as the main cause of their breakouts, followed by 45 percent who pointed to a scruffy appearance as their primary motive.

For 43 percent, laziness was reason enough to end a relationship, while lack of humor weighed in 41 percent of cases. Interestingly, emotional distance only caused 39 percent of breakups.

The fights

We know that arguments are a weighty factor in relationships, but What are these disagreements about in today’s relationships?

31 percent have argued with their partner because you don’t spend enough quality time on mutual relationships, while 30 percent complain that the other person does not listen to them.

Money is the cause of 23 percent of arguments and lies motivate 22 percent. It is striking that infidelity is only 19 percent reason to fight of respondents against emotional distance that affects 20 percent.

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