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Do you feel like you can’t hit your target and want to know the secrets to fix it? Do not search anymore ! Here are our 5 tips to make your LinkedIn ™ post attractive and finally generate engagement!

Tip # 1: Choose the right format for your LinkedIn ™ post

When you post on LinkedIn ™, you can choose from several types of posts. The ideal is to vary with several communication media: text, carousel, visual, etc. there are plenty of solutions!

The carousel, a popular LinkedIn ™ post

The carousel is a slideshow that you create in a few clicks and it is the attractive publication of the moment. The advantage of this LinkedIn ™ post is above all to be able to share several visuals at the same time. However, to continue reading your carousel, the user must click on the “next” arrow.

It is therefore essential to create attractive, captivating and interesting visuals to motivate your reader to continue his discovery.

To create a LinkedIn ™ carousel, all you have to do is define your slides upstream and convert them to PDF format. Then, select the “add a document” icon then the social network takes care of transforming your files into a carousel.

With this type of LinkedIn ™ post, present to your community:

  • your new range of products,
  • your team,
  • a concept,
  • an exclusive event,
  • or even yourself.

Send a rewarding message to your audience in an entertaining and lively way!

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Native video

This type of LinkedIn ™ post is more engaging and generally reaches more readers. Indeed, the videos activate themselves so it is much easier to get caught and also it is a format very popular with Internet users.

To post a video on LinkedIn ™, it must:

  • Weigh 5 GB maximum and 75 KB minimum;
  • Have a minimum duration of 3 seconds;
  • Last a maximum of 15 minutes from a computer;
  • Or 10 minutes from the application.

Just like the carousel, it’s easier to be favored by the LinkedIn ™ algorithm with native video. Indeed, they are generally more attractive than texts. The audience willingly stays until the end (well if the content is of quality).

The classic LinkedIn ™ post

It is simply a publication in text form. It’s the foundation on LinkedIn ™ and it’s a classic that still works. This LinkedIn ™ post can, for example, state the news of your company, give advice, share a good or bad experience or even notify your audience of an exclusive event.

The text-based LinkedIn post remains an effective way to send all types of messages related to your professional activity.

You have the choice to leave this post alone, or to accompany it with a visual, a photo, an infographic or a survey. This allows you to animate your community or obtain its opinion for commercial or marketing purposes. Internet users appreciate being able to give their opinion and this generates interaction and clicks, which boosts the visibility of your LinkedIn ™ post.

man making a LinkedIn post

Tip n ° 2: Use the catch to challenge

The catchphrase is essential in a LinkedIn ™ post. Indeed, on the news feed, only the first 3 lines are visible to users. If the headline isn’t interesting enough, the prospect doesn’t bother to stop scrolling to see all of your content.

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On LinkedIn ™ you cannot give a title to your post, but just highlight the first line by isolating it for example. To challenge the reader and make an impression, you can play the card of provocation, rants or even share surprising information. The important thing is really to hold the attention of Internet users.

Be careful, we can’t repeat it enough, the catchphrase is decisive for the success of your LinkedIn ™ post. If you do not stop it in its scroll, it continues to scroll its feed without reading your post.

Tip 3: Structure your LinkedIn ™ post

What could be worse than a paving stone to dissuade prospects from reading your post? The structure of your LinkedIn ™ post greatly influences whether you continue reading. Indeed, to increase its attractiveness, bet on a refined composition. For this, do not place more than 3 sentences per paragraph and try to make them short. So don’t hesitate to use line breaks.

Emojis are also important and are very popular on social networks. In addition to humanizing the publications, they bring a friendly touch and allow to obtain an organized visual. Please note, LinkedIn ™ is not Facebook! Emojis are welcome, but remember that your LinkedIn ™ posts are meant for your prospects, stay professional!

hashtag symbolhashtag symbol

Finally, hashtags, added sparingly, are beneficial because they increase the visibility of your publication. Indeed, they correspond to one or more selected keywords preceded by the hash mark. Hashtags help increase the reach of your post because they are categorized by topic and are a source of additional information. Just click on it to find the posts that have the hashtags that match the keyword.

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Tip # 4: Publish your LinkedIn ™ post at the right time

To reach your target, the ideal is to distribute your content when it is connected. The most popular time slots are very different from social networks such as Facebook ™ or Tik Tok ™, because LinkedIn ™ is a professional social network. Thus, when these first two are visited more in the evening and during the weekend, LinkedIn ™ benefits from more traffic during the week and more precisely from Tuesday to Thursday:

  • Between 7:30 am and 8:00 am;
  • At noon ;
  • Between 5 and 6 p.m.

These times are subject to change, as this is a general statistic. Therefore, we advise you to publish voluntarily during very different hours and days in order to realize your own statistics by studying their engagement rate.

Tip # 5: don’t overdo programming

You are absent ? This is not a problem, because it is possible to schedule a LinkedIn ™ post. However, the platform does not offer it, but free or paid applications do the job very well, for example Oktopost ™, Buffer ™ and Swello ™.

Be careful though, if planning an automatic publication has its advantages, there are also significant disadvantages to take into account. Keep in mind that this is an alternative to native publishing.

Indeed, when you schedule a LinkedIn ™ post:

  1. You are not available which means you cannot interact with your audience. So you lose the privilege of connecting and interacting with the men and women who comment on your post.
  2. Your post is less favored by the algorithm which prefers to boost the visibility of live posts rather than scheduled ones.

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