Power Horse will name the Mediterranean Games stadium

Power Horse dará nombre al estadio de los Juegos del Mediterráneo

The Unión Deportiva Almería has signed a historic agreement with Power Horse under which the prestigious brand of energy drinks will name the stadium for the Mediterranean Games from next July 1. The agreement was signed this Friday by Salvatore Caizzone, general manager and member of the Power Horse Group Shareholders Committee, and by Mohamed El Assy, general manager and CEO of UD Almería, in a ceremony held at the Games Stadium Mediterranean with the presence of the mayor of the capital, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, and the president of the Provincial Council, Javier Aureliano García, among other authorities. The Almería stadium will be renamed Power Horse Stadium Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos as of July 1.

As the club has highlighted in its official note, UD Almería has the relentless dream of reaching the top of Spanish football and compete against the best. After having played in the playoffs for promotion to the Santander League for the last two seasons, the Almeria team is currently fighting to rise directly to the elite, where it wants to be alongside Power Horse.

Shield/Flag Almería

Available in more than 50 countries around the world, Power Horse is a leading energy drink in Africa and the Middle East. Famous for its logo with a black horse and dynamic red triangles, the brand represents values ​​of strength, youth and energy. His portfolio includes Original, Zero Sugar and Red Rush. Power Horse helps its young consumers in their ambition to be on top of the world and become unstoppable. The alliance with UD Almería provides a perfect symmetry in the expansion of the brand to the Spanish market.

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Mohamed El Assy, general director of the red and white entity, underlined after signing the agreement that “UD Almería is proud to be able to count on the support of a company with the potential of Power Horse”, and then added that “this support is a responsibility and we do not want to disappoint them; on the contrary, we want to go hand in hand to achieve great goals”.

The manager of UD Almería, who thanked the Almeria authorities for their presence, stated that “we want to continue growing together with our fans, institutions and our sponsors, such as Power Horse, whom we want to thank for this commitment and for this support So important for the club.”

For his part, Salvatore Caizzone, CEO and member of the Shareholders Committee of Power Horse Group, commented that: “We are really excited to support an emerging team that dreams big.and. Both in business and in football. Achieving your goals is the key to success. You must be resilient, focused, team player, and unleash every ounce of energy from yourself and others. Power Horse’s purpose is to help people feel on top of the world. Our vision is a world where ordinary people can do their best and thus be unstoppable in pursuing their dreams. We hope that this new alliance drives UD Almería to be truly unstoppable and reach the top of Spanish and European football”.

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The mayor of Almería, Ramón Fernández-Pachecoand the president of the Provincial Council, Javier Aureliano García, welcomed the agreement signed by UD Almería and Power Horse, as it will be positive for the club, for the city and for the province. In this sense, Javier Aureliano García intervened in the act to state that this agreement “represents a before and after for the clubb, but also for the province. The ‘Costa de Almería’ destination will have a better position abroad, allowing all our main tourist enclaves to reach millions of people. This agreement also means illusion and future. UD Almería has a history that has been forged long ago by each and every one of the people who have been part of the club, without their effort and sacrifice, we would not be here today. Thank you for allowing us to continue dreaming.”

The event was closed by the mayor of Almería, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, who stressed that “the City Council wants to share today the illusion of UD Almería with this new sponsor, which will allow the representative team of our city to generate more value in the sport of more global reach. This is the dynamic of the main football clubs in the world and it is good news that our team makes this effort to respond to the new demands of such a professional and demanding competition”.

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Then the first mayor pointed out that “with this signature UD Almeria winsthe new sponsoring company wins and above all the city of Almería wins, which will soon have a top-class stadium, as corresponds to the projection and desire for growth of a club that excites us, with which we we fully identify with and to whom we now and always wish the best”.

Mohamed El Assy, general director of Almería.


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