Practice sex with gloves and a mask for fear of getting infected? This is “coronaphobia”

¿Practicar sexo con guantes y mascarilla por miedo a contagiarse? Así es la “coronafobia”

We can already talk about “coronaphobia”, a term that describes the extreme fear of catching coronavirus. Apparently, many people suffer from it and, in some cases, it limits the relationships of those people until they are extinguished.

But it is not the case Melanie Jennings, a self-proclaimed “coronaphobic”, hypochondriac, 26 years old. She developed so much fear of contracting the coronavirus that she insisted that she and her boyfriend, Joe, 24, wear personal protective uniforms (EPIS, the ones doctors wear) to have sex.

Also, she cleans her room before and after sex.

It sounds a bit extreme, but according to the experts it is not wrong.

A Harvard University study revealed that couples should wear face masks or masks during sexual intercourse to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

Melanie confessed to The Sun that she previously loved having sex with her boyfriend, but since the alarm and confinement began, it is difficult for her to have sex if everything has not been previously disinfected.

The cleaning protocol is not easy, all the bedding has had to be washed at least twice and the mattress must also be previously disinfected. She knows it’s a bit extreme, but at least when everything around her smells like bleach, her partner knows it’s time to enjoy.

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